The Expedition Experience

Explore Alaska on our small cruise ships and discover towering rain forests and peaceful coastlines. Learn more about life aboard our Alaska expedition ship.

You’ll hear the thunderous crack of calving glaciers. Sail alongside pods of orca; see breaching humpbacks and foraging brown bears. Hike verdant old-growth rain forests and kayak peaceful coastlines. In the 30+ years we’ve been exploring Alaska, we have provided the richest experience possible.

What It's Like/What You'll Do

It’s the most in-depth Alaska exploration possible. See what makes it so

Alaska Wildlife

Whales, bears & eagles in a spectacular setting. See Alaska’s iconic wildlife

Alaska Expedition Team

Our Alaska travel guides are engaging and knowledgeable companions, ready to set sail for adventure. Learn more about our talented staff of experts.

Pack Your Camera

Our Expedition Photography program helps you take your best photos ever. Smile

Cultural Experiences

On our 7-night Alaska travel itinerary you'll learn about the culture, spiritual beliefs, and ancestral lands of the indigenous people of the region. Visit us.

Life Aboard

Amenities, great food, camaraderie, comfort & wellness—see life aboard

Alaska & Families

Is an awesome experience for all ages to share—on and off ship

Daily Expedition Reports

What happens out there? Daily field reports with photos and video

Read Up, Gear Up

Smart books & useful recommendations on what to get, wear, pack & more

Alaska FAQs

Answers to questions about our Alaska expeditions

Top 10 Reasons

Why travel to Alaska? Lindblad Expeditions lists the top 10 reasons why traveling to Alaska should be on your must-do list. Visit us to learn more.

Global Stewardship

Preserving wildlife and clean water from the rivers to the ocean

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