Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Patterson Bay & Chatham Strait

    Last night a mom asked her six-and-a-half-year-old child, Ruby, what she’d like to have for the next day, and Ruby answered “a very pretty day!” Today certainly started very beautifully, with smooth seas, a clear blue sky, and a great view of the magnificent snow-covered peaks of Baranof Island. After having had a couple of “Alaskan sunshine” days, many of us gathered on the ship’s deck long before breakfast to enjoy today’s weather and admire the scenery. 

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  • Fern Harbor and Inian Islands

    This morning found us along Icy Straight, under calm, cloudy, and misty conditions and just coming to border Glacier Bay National Park. A pair of humpback whales greeted the early risers as they slowly cruised the waters along with us, giving us a chance to watch and hear them nearby; one, two, three, even four breaths then a show of flukes, dive for three, four, five minutes, then resurface.

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  • Sitkoh Bay, Lake Eva & Chatham Strait

    The day began with calm water allowing for kayaking and paddleboarding in Sitkoh Bay.  Banana slugs were immensely popular with the children—and young at heart—on all the hikes. The thimbleberry bushes were in full bloom and, in a few weeks, bears will surely delight in eating them. Everyone took turns with the kayaks and hiking and then headed back to the ship for lunch. After lunch, we had a presentation and then set out for more hiking near Lake Eva in Hanus Bay. Numerous wildflowers were in bloom and the naturalists explained the rainforest ecosystem. After dinner we enjoyed an incredible sunset and spotted numerous humpback whales spouting and displaying their flukes.

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  • Inian Islands & Fern Harbor

    We took the pulse of the Inside Passage at the Inian Islands this morning. Ebb tide generated strong currents, whirlpools, and standing waves in the Cross Sound. Harbor porpoises, sea otters, and Stellar sea lions abounded. Black-legged kittiwakes were beginning to nest at Bird Rock and were easily agitated by bald eagles flying overhead.

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  • George Island & Fern Harbor

    So many charismatic megafauna today! Sea otters, humpback whales, Steller Sea Lions, harbor porpoises, and killer whales! One of my favorite parts of today was during this morning at George Island, where we deployed the new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with the young Global Explorers and let them drive! They got to see the underwater world in a whole new light and record their own videos on her. Today was really all about the Global Explorers!

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  • Glacier Bay National Park

    We began our day by welcoming a Glacier Bay Service Ranger and Naturalist Colleen aboard National Geographic Venture in Bartlett Cove. The morning was serene with a misty fog coating the vast and wild surroundings. Sea otters curiously greeted us by poking their heads out of the glassy bay waters as we enjoyed our morning lattes. We made our way north in Glacier Bay toward South Marble Island, where we discovered roaring Steller sea lions, tufted puffins, common murres, pigeon guillemots, glaucous-winged gulls, black-legged kittiwakes, and the rare horned puffins. South Marble Island proved to be a true wildlife hotspot with an incredible view of a humpback whale and its fluke before departing the area and heading farther north toward Margerie Glacier.

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  • Frederick Sound, Halleck Harbor, and Red Bluff Bay

    Today we moved away from the ice and made our way through Frederick Sound. We had amazing sightings of humpback whales before breakfast, and later guests got a chance to explore on shore and in the forest, as well as try their hand at kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

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  • Inian Islands, Cross Sound, and Beyond

    We anchored in a protected location near the Hobbit Hole of Cross Sound this morning to explore the Inian Islands and the abundant wildlife the area is known for. Many species arrive at these shores to feed on the many organisms surfacing from the flood’s incoming tide. The afternoon was spent hiking and kayaking nearby in the Fox Creek area, and then it was off cruise the splendor of Idaho Inlet to cap another unforgettable day.

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  • Endicott Arm

    This morning a new group of wonderful passengers woke aboard National Geographic Venture to find themselves surprisingly deep within the Alaskan wilds. Our plan of exploring the famed Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness, and getting up-close to one of Alaska’s most impressive glacial faces, was a grand success, and by evening time, we could all hardly believe what had transpired during our first full day.

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  • Tracy Arm

    At 4 a.m., the sun was rising in Alaska. As guests on the National Geographic Sea Bird woke up and got out of their cabins, they experienced a new and magical landscape where icebergs floated just outside their windows as we cruised toward Tracy Arm to admire Sawyer Glacier.

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