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Many a person has embraced the ancient philosophies, changing and paraphrasing them so many times that the original author has been lost and the exact wording twisted and sometimes misused. I remember long ago, a tiny piece of paper tacked to my bulletin board with a saying on it attributed to Confucius. Subsequent searches have led to frustration in attempting to find the original wording but whoever said it and whatever the former intent was, the logic remains the same. When one learns about something, the desire to love it and then protect it is a natural progression. Travel to the Galapagos, to Arctic Norway, take an Alaskan cruise, or an Amazon tour. From that point forth, no matter where you are, just the mention of the place will produce an emotional reaction.

Studies have shown that conservationists on the whole can trace their interests to first-hand experiences they had as a child. What better reason can there be to take your children and children’s children on a family expedition? There are cruises that introduce one to the inside of a ship or to an artificial world, a man created wonderland. One wonders what kind of love is instilled in the youth with such an indirect experience. But
 family travel with Lindblad and National Geographic provides real adventure and actual interactions with the wildlife and cultures of the world. Stories abound about youth who become activists for the environment once they have met a particular place or animal.

Lindblad Expeditions has been active in conservation of the planet since its inception more than 30 years ago. Authentic action has been deployed in many different areas of the world through financial support of local groups, clearing islands of exotic species, special cruises bringing government agencies and environmental organizations together and many other ways. Taking a family expedition to the Galapagos, Alaska, Arctic Norway, Baja California, the Amazon or anywhere else in the world is the best education a child could have, not to mention an incredible opportunity for some
 photography travel. It is not too late for us to preserve the world for our children. Simply teaching them to learn and love will transfer that passion for protection into their hands.

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