Itinerary Overview

Introducing the partnership of Lindblad Expeditions + exhale

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Welcome to a new kind of getaway


We’ve teamed up with exhale to create a 3 or 4-day Wildness + Wellness adventure in Mexico’s shimmering Sea of Cortez, aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. Board your floating base camp in Cabo, and you’ll head to Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, two of the loveliest islands in the Sea—to actively explore unsullied landscapes, revel in pure nature, and enjoy exhale’s award-winning wellbeing programs.

A break from the ordinary, featuring revitalizing opportunities:

  • Exult in the pristine beauty of the Sea of Cortez—azure water, bays, beaches, unique flora and fauna— and roam free in wide-open spaces
  • Stroll long white sand beaches in search of pearl oyster shells
  • Snorkel among playful sea lions and schools of colorful reef fish
  • Kayak along beautifully carved coastlines
  • Challenge body and mind with exhale fitness classes including Core Fusion Bootcamp, restorative Chill Yoga, and more
  • Take in panoramic views or landscapes of black lava and pink volcanic ash on exhale mindfulness hikes + post-hike assisted stretching sessions
  • Find balance on the water with exhale paddleboard yoga classes
  • Restore with pre-cocktail hour neck and shoulder massages on deck
  • Enjoy a sunset beach BBQ, bonfire, and end your day with stargazing
  • Stay mindful with daily guided exhale meditation sessions

Only here, only us
For years, developers have tried to put resorts, condominiums, even a casino, on Espiritu Santo. The Mexican NGO community, in partnership with others around the world, has fought against this and prevailed.  No permanent structures of any kind mar the beauty of Espiritu Santo or its small neighbor, Isla Partida.

What we offer you is unique and effortless access—to wild beauty and pristine nature— for 3 nights or 4, using our ship, National Geographic Sea Bird, as a base camp. You’ll accomplish what the developers could not—the opportunity to alight in this wild beautiful place, and participate in exhale’s resort-quality fitness classes, yoga options, mindful meditations and more. 

Better yet, you can freely roam. Our ship is akin to a safari camp in Africa—comfortable, in the heart of things, yet mobile. Everything you want is aboard—snorkeling gear, paddleboards, kayaks and Zodiacs, a welcoming crew, smart naturalists, a wellness specialist, exhale fitness instructors, and even a Lindblad/National Geographic photo instructor to help you up your photo game and capture all the ops.

Every day we’ll anchor in a new location, and you’ll have your choice of things to do from a strolling beachcomb to a kick-butt Core Fusion Boot Camp. And a beach BBQ as dusk shades into starlit night, or a Chill Yoga session on deck are some of the soul-lifting ways we’ll end our active days. And your bar tab is on us.

Welcome to Base Camp

A Bow Cam: An underwater camera is mounted to Sea Bird’s bow, feeding live video to the monitors in the lounge, offering a glimpse of what passes beneath the ship.

B Kayaks: A fleet of one- and two-person kayaks allow you to explore intimate bays and paddle along scenic shorelines. Our naturalists can help novices with technique, while experts are free to explore further afield.

C Expedition Landing Craft: Key to our operation is our fleet of expedition landing craft, which we use to land in places that would be otherwise inaccessible. These sturdy inflatable craft are similar to the ones immortalized by Jacques Cousteau in his expedition films and TV shows. They are widely recognized as the safest and most versatile small boats afloat.

D Open Bridge Invitation: What makes traveling aboard National Geographic Sea Bird unique is the opportunity to join the Captain and officers on the bridge when the ship is underway. Watch them navigate. (Enjoy the playlist!) And hone your spotting skills with our handy binoculars and sharp-eyednaturalists.

E Lounge: Located forward on the main deck, it’s the heart of our expedition community, where we hold cocktail hour Recap each evening. And gather for lectures, photo talks and presentations. Use it to hang out editing images on your laptop or sharing a drink with friends.

F Dining Room: Food served aboard is fresh, local and delicious, and sourced from suppliers who share our sustainability values. Meals—breakfast and lunch buffets, served dinner—are almost always in the dining room, aft on the main deck.

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