Baja Kayaking, Sea of Cortez Kayaking

Baja California Kayaking

Kayaking is a perfect way to explore the coastline of Baja California as an activity on your next cruise in Mexico. Hundreds of islands are scattered throughout Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, and the peninsula itself is incised with rocky shores and crescent sand beaches making for great Sea of Cortez kayaking.

Some travelers prefer the rustic experience of camping, but it is possible to enjoy a vacation with the comfort of a small cruise ship as a home base for Baja kayaking and hiking.

There are great opportunities to sneak up close to birds. One might discover brown pelicans solemnly perched at the water’s edge, a great-blue heron poised to strike, or a spotted sandpiper wagging its tail. Ospreys scream overhead, and eared grebes paddle like tiny ducks before diving out of sight in search of food.

The clear water provides a window into the undersea world on your Mexico cruise ship. Sea urchins, sun stars, and myriad fishes are not far beneath the surface. Schools of silvery yellow-and-black sergeant majors glisten in the sunlight. Velvety black king angels could be overlooked except for their bright yellow-orange tails.

Kayaks permit a very individual experience. One can slip up to a Sally Lightfoot crab to examine its red-orange carapace and bright blue claws or glide alongside cliffs of volcanic rocks eroded into fascinating shapes by weather and waves. It is quiet and peaceful, and there is time to slowly drift or to paddle furiously.

Boats have always opened up opportunities for people. Before Europeans arrived in Baja California with their sailing ships, natives in the Sea of Cortez traveled on rafts made from aquatic reeds called tules. Rowing and paddling gave them access to new shores and to food resources not otherwise available. Kayaks were originally constructed by dwellers of Arctic lands, but they are widespread in today’s world as an efficient and reliable form of transportation and a wonderful means of discovering the natural world.

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