Top 10 Reasons

See why traveling to Baja with us should be on your must-do list

1. Discover an eco-playground of pure wildness. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez a 'living aquarium,' with its islands designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to an impressive variety of marine mammals and birds. Our 30+ years of experience exploring this 'best-kept-secret' region guarantees you intoxicating encounters—leaping dolphins, gray whale mothers nurturing their calves, seabirds en masse, and snorkeling with sea lions.

2. Access to learning and personal attention. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced naturalists in the region. Some are local experts; and all are genuinely passionate about sharing their expertise. And our generous naturalist-to-guest-ratio of about 1:10, means our staff is always accessible—on deck, during activities, cocktails, and meals. You’ll have opportunities to gravitate naturally to the staff members whose interests best match yours.

3. Special access to whales on our Among The Great Whales itinerary. Up-close encounters with gray whale mothers and their calves is a powerful reason to explore this region and with us. We are the only non-local company allowed to use our own expedition landing craft among the whales in Magdalena Bay. And you’ll have more chances for sightings, as we’re the only company that explores both the Sea of Cortez and the lagoons of the Pacific on the same trip on our Among The Great Whales itinerary.

4. We’re equipped with cool tools for exploration. Our onboard fleet of expedition landing craft and single and double kayaks allows us to land in inviting remote locations, and have personal discoveries. Listen to whale communications via our hydrophone, and observe them under the sea via our bow-mounted camera with live feed into onboard TV screens. Our video microscope reveals even the tiniest facets of the rich marine world.

5. See Baja’s undersea revealed. We are the only expedition company in the region that travels with an onboard undersea specialist, diving and shooting with high intensity lights and an HD video camera. You’ll view this fascinating footage on plasma screens in the comfort of the lounge—for a richer knowledge of Baja.

6. Go home a better, more confident photographer. A Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor is aboard every Baja departure. A specially trained naturalist, your photo instructor will provide assistance with your camera and instruction in elements of composition to help you take advantage of Baja’s radiant light, countless photo ops—and take your best photos ever. Plus, travel with a National Geographic photographer on select departures.

7. Be a part of genuine citizen science. Witness research on board, lead by Dr. William Gilly, Chief Scientist at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University and supported by National Geographic. Watch our crew lower scientific instruments that measure oxygen levels in the Sea of Cortez, with the goal of revealing changes in an ecologically-important zone.

8. Make a positive impact. In 2004, Lindblad founded the Gulf of California Conservation Fund in partnership with the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund to raise funds for conservation projects. Our contributions support a range of programs in local towns, from promoting lower-impact fishing to seabird research, marine conservation, sustainable tourism and social marketing for sustainable seafood.

9. Wellness Program onboard. Our wellness specialist leads a daily stretch and yoga class from the Sun Deck, with unbeatable views of the surrounding sea and landscapes. A variety of spa treatments and massages are also available.

10. Exclusive Video Chronicle of your expedition. Your Chronicle captures the pinnacle expedition moments. Professionally shot in HD and edited during the voyage, it’s available for purchase by the time you disembark.

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