Focus on fitness or mindfulness with exhale's signature classes

To Lindblad Expeditions, wildness is a tonic for the human spirit, vital for optimum health and wellbeing. To Exhale, wellbeing is not a luxury, it’s an everyday experience. Based on these matching missions, we invited Exhale to partner and create Base Camp Baja (and now Wild California Escape). AnnBeth Eschbach, Exhale CEO & President, shared with us what excites her most about this partnership:

"We are living in an era eager to achieve or maintain wellbeing, mindfulness, and living well. Lindblad-Exhale is pioneering fully integrated wellbeing getaways that are way beyond any ‘cruise with a massage’ model! This is an experience that goes deep—blending the best of exploration, transformation, and restoration in spectacular locations. People will benefit from this in a hugely rewarding way." 

Each day you'll have a choice of wellness options to pick from:

  • Be-where-you-are mindfulness exercises on deck, on the beach, or on the trail
  • Trail hikes among breathtaking surroundings, accompanied by feel-good stretch sessions with your Exhale teacher
  • Yoga variety—from Exhale's restorative Chill Yoga to strengthening Power Yoga
  • Beach Boot Camp workouts to build strength, increase stamina, and get your heart pumping
  • Exhale's barre class—a high-energy, full-body workout that blends cardio exercises like punches, twists, and mountain climbers with barre work to tone your thighs, glutes, and core (Sneakers optional)

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