Regional Cuisine

A geography built on the bounty of the sea

Newfoundland and the islands we explore during our circumnavigation are host to tremendous French, Scottish, and Acadian influences.

Dine on the region’s bounty of seafood
Taste the bounty of the region, including the famed Cape Breton mussels and herring prepared in traditional smokehouses on the Îles de la Madeleine. A lobster bake held on shore, weather permitting, offers us a taste of the cuisine of Canada in a spectacular setting.


  • Country Natural Beef

    A cooperative that has grown from 14 to 120 family ranches located in 13 Western states, with over 100,000 mother cows grazing on approximately 6.3 million acres of land.

  • Painted Hills Beef

    A group of Wheeler County, Oregon farmers who produce better beef by raising stress-free animals without hormones or antibiotics.


  • Draper Valley Farms

    The pioneer of Washington and Oregon-raised fresh chicken since 1935. Each flock is tracked from the egg to the store, ensuring all natural northwestern chicken.


  • Carlton Farms

    For over 50 years, Carlton Farms has sold all-natural pork that is never treated with artificial colors or flavors during cutting, curing or aging.

  • Pure Country Pork

    Named the first sustainable hog operation in the U.S. in 2007, Pure Country Pork raises their animals in a sustainable and natural environment and never uses antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants.

  • Hill Meats

    In the rolling hills where the Gorge meets the Blue Mountains, this purveyor has used antibiotic - and hormone-free meat in bacon, sausage, hams and more for over 50 years.


  • Anderson Ranches

    Free-range lambs that graze only on the rolling foothills of Willamette Valley, Oregon, raised by 5th generation ranchers.

  • Pacific Seafood

    A vertically integrated, family-owned company that opened their first processing plant in 1983 to better serve customers by going directly to the source.

  • Josephson’s Smokehouse

    An 80-year-old, family-run smokehouse in Astoria, Oregon with four generations of fishermen, fish buyers and processors.

  • Clear Springs Foods

    A ‘Best Choice’ on many seafood watch lists and on the Monterey Bay Aquariums “Super Green List” for proactive, sustainable fish farming techniques.

Organic Eggs

  • Wilcox Family Farms

    A century-old farm run by 4th generation farmers providing eggs from organically raised hens living cage-free.


  • Darigold/Organic Valley

    A large cooperative that markets certified organic products, you’ll probably find Organic Valley milk and half-and-half in your local grocery.

Cheese, Sour Cream, Ice Cream, Yogurt

  • Tillamook

    Made up of 110 dairy farms committed to animal welfare, the Tillamook county Creamery Association as formed in 1909.

Organic Yogurt

  • Yami Yogurt

    Since 1924, Yami has sold milk and yogurt in and around Washington.


  • Shepherd’s Grain

    Growers dedicated to producing the finest quality grains using no-till and crop rotation methods to enrich the soil and also to creating an honest partnership between farmer and customer.

  • Cal Farms

    Local purveyor of radishes, onions, cilantro, beets, leeks and more. Available in organically or conventionally grown.

  • Delta Farms

    • Sauvie Island, Oregon
  • Dickey Farms

    Spinach, tomato, corn, eggplant and squash are among wide range of produce grown here.

  • Dragonberry Produce

    Represents some of the finest produce growers in the Pacific Northwest, and specializes in unique fruits and vegetables.

  • Draper Girls Country Farm

    Family farm specializing in fresh produce: apples, blueberries, pears, peaches and more.

  • Duck Delivery Produce, Inc.

    Distributor of fresh, high quality fruits, vegetables and custom-cut produce for over 30 years.

  • Fawel Farms

    A 3rd generation family farm offering apples, watermelon and vegetables.

    • Prosser, Washington
  • HerbCo

    The first company in the Pacific Northwest to provide local, year-round certified organic fresh herbs.

  • Imperial Gardens

    • Wapato, Washington
  • Inaba Produce Farm

    Third generation family of farmers that grow a diverse variety of vegetables on 1,200 acres, and leaders in developing new ways to improve farms’ diversity and boost production without relying on chemicals.

  • Malatesta Farms

    • Canby, Oregon
  • Ostrom

    Grown in the Pacific Northwest since 1928, a family owned and operated mushroom farm.

  • Pride Packing Co.

    A large stone fruit and apple grower and shipper.

  • Rasmussen Farms

    A family farm supplying fresh vegetables and strawberries locally since 1945.

  • Siri and Sons Farms

    Willamette Valley-grown broccoli, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, radishes, beets and more.

  • Sterino Farms

    • Puyallup, Washington
  • Theony Farms

    • Woodland, Washington
  • Tri Cities Produce

    • Pasco, Washington
  • Wallace Farms

    Potatoes grown in the Skagit Valley’s ideal conditions and sold throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • Walter Wells Farm

    An active participant in creating innovative environmentally conscious tools to replace conventional chemicals.

    • Hood River, Oregon

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