Cultural Experiences

Discover Cuba people-to-people

Cuba is an exotic mix of cultures, descended from European, African, Native American, and other Caribbean peoples, which have blended to form a way of life that is distinctly Cuban. On your people-to-people exploration, you'll have the chance to discover the things that make Cuba what it is today: a vibrant place with a great deal of activity and positive energy. This energy is reflected in many areas: the visual arts, with some projects that involve entire communities; in literature; and of course in Cuban music, which is passionate, tuneful, and evocative.

From the raw excitement of Havana to the great cities of the south, you’ll meet people who are making a difference during your Cuba cultural travels. You’ll have a choice of visits in Havana, so you can choose those exchanges that intrigue you most like music and the arts. Plus meet with those involved with current affairs and those knowledgeable about Cuban cultural events and history. You'll also explore the treasure trove that is Cuba’s colonial architecture with one masterpiece after another in Old Havana and the colonial cities. 

You’ll have a rich discovery of Cuba, people-to-people.

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