What It's Like/What You'll Do

How you’ll spend your time and reward your curiosity

Designed to reward your curiosity, our well-curated program presents a rich menu of things for seeing, doing, learning and engaging, as we immerse ourselves in Cuban culture and natural history. You’ll have three days in Havana, meeting the locals and exploring the many Cuban attractions, activities and rich cultural experiences that this great capital has to offer, including: history, art, architecture, music, dance, and even the iconic cigar and car subcultures. You’ll then spend seven nights on Cuba’s south coast aboard the gracious ship Harmony V, learning about Cuba’s extraordinary nature. You'll meet Cubans in some of the island’s loveliest colonial towns, and visit the Bay of Pigs, which is of great historical interest and offers much natural history. Plus you'll explore seldom-visited Isla de la Juventud (the Isle of Youth), for especially interesting interactions with local residents.

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