Cuba Wildlife

Unique marine habitats and endemic birdlife set along beautiful beaches

From marine habitats, to the rich birdlife of the Zapata Swamp National Park (an area compared to the Everglades), you’ll see some of the Caribbean’s most pristine areas and meet Cuban conservationists striving to preserve them.

Conditions permitting, certified divers will have a chance to dive (at additional cost) at the Bay of Pigs. Non-divers will be able to snorkel there if they wish.

See Sven Lindblad’s video of his dive at the Jardines de la Reina 

At the Zapata Swamp National Park, discuss conservation efforts and spot rich birdlife, such as the Cuban trogon and the bee hummingbird (the smallest bird in the world), with local naturalists. Cross to the Cuban Keys to meet with researchers at a sea turtle breeding center and endangered species protection program at Cayo Largo del Sur.


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