Pacific Northwest Expedition Team

Share the adventure with knowledgeable, engaging companions

Over the 20+ years of our history on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, the quality of our veteran staff and their companionship is the reason the Lindblad name is known and respected for top-quality expeditions. And, together with National Geographic, there is no better team anywhere.

The team composition
Every expedition sails with a veteran expedition leader, a historian, multiple naturalists, a geologist (Columbia & Snake Rivers only), an undersea specialist (Exploring British Columbia & San Juans only) plus a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor and a wellness specialist. They’re engaging travel companions, and their various areas of expertise will illuminate this remarkable region.

More specialties and personalities
Our excellent ratio of one staff to 12 guests ensures more insight and personalities. You are never directed into groups or assigned when exploring with us, and when there’s an option for different activities—say a hike, kayak excursion, or nature stroll—you’re free to gravitate to the naturalist whose interests mirror your own. 


Featured Pacific Northwest Team Members

  • Kayvon Malek

    Undersea Specialist
    In 2011 Kayvon’s life changed when he took his first breath underwater. After signing up for a SCUBA course on a whim while studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz he soon shifted his major and focus in life. He graduated in 2015 after studying Environmental Studies and Biology, focusing on marine conservation. By that time, he was an AAUS certified Scientific Diver aiding in field research, a NAUI Divemaster, and had begun working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium sharing the wonder of the ocean that captivated him four years prior.

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  • Marylou Blakeslee

    For the past 20 years, Marylou Blakeslee has traveled the world sharing her love of wild places. She lectures on a number of topics from the bears and wolves of the Arctic, to the leopard seals and whales of the Antarctic, as well as the turtles and fishes of the Great Barrier Reef.

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  • Rab Cummings

    Expedition Leader
    Born near Seattle, Washington, Rab enjoyed a highly unconventional childhood as the son of a veterinary science professor. He spent his youth paddling canoes through Canada’s hinterlands, deepening his love and understanding of the natural world. 

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  • Sharon Grainger

    Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor
    Sharon’s degrees in Psychology and Anthropology from Eastern Washington University have given her a good base to pursue her profession as a naturalist and photographer. With five generations of artists behind her, she has developed a portfolio of images covering many interests including indigenous cultures, ethnobotany, natural and cultural history. Photography gives voice and interpretation to her experience of the world. Spending many years with Native peoples has dramatically affected her attitude towards how and what she sees. She recognized, through these experiences, the diversity of peoples around the world. This began a lifelong curiosity about the variety of ways in which different cultures relate to each other and this planet.

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  • Tom Skeele

    Expedition Leader
    Tom’s greatest joy growing up came from running around the woods of the northeast, sailing the New England coast, and traveling to the Bahamas. At twenty, Tom solidified his love of nature and adventure while hiking the northern 400 miles of the Appalachian Trail. A life of celebrating and caring for nature was unfolding.

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All were just great.  Can't say enough about how impressed we were with captain, hotel manager, officers, and crew! Wonderful job.  Thank you!
Arthur S.

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