Itinerary Overview

Leave the fast-paced, modern world behind

Who gets to do this anymore—embark on an epic transatlantic sailing voyage that traverses over 90 degrees of latitude and 7,000 nautical miles of the Atlantic, from the Old World to the southern tip of the New World, as golden age explorers have through the ages. Blue-water sailors and ocean enthusiasts of all stripes will delight in distant blue horizons by day, and star-filled skies by night. Enjoy the comforting amenities of National Geographic Orion. Learn from experts onboard, relax with a good book (or three!) and dine well daily. Life at sea is a tonic for the soul, a time to live in the moment and bask in the change from normal daily life at home.


Explore the remote and geologically stunning island of Santo Antão in the Cape Verde Islands. Navigate the storied Strait of Magellan en route to Isla Magdalena, home to 120,000 nesting Magellanic penguins. And explore historic Punta Arenas, the largest city in Patagonia.

Hear a rich program of lectures and presentations by our staff of Naturalists and Historians for an in-depth and engaging experience. Go to to see your staff.

  • Skills@Sea lets you take advantage of your voyage time with the attention of expert mentors to guide you to new skills
  • Learn to better express the world as you see it through words with National Geographic Traveler Contributing Editor Andrew Evans, and capture the essence of your experience
  • Do you love standing on the bridge to watch the workings of a ship? Join oceanographer Jim Kelley for a beyond basics navigation course, both modern and traditional
  • Wish you could improve, edit and organize your photos? Bring your external hard drive packed with photos and benefit from our expert photo team for a Lightroom tutorial and hands-on instruction
  • Attend cooking and baking demonstrations under the guidance of National Geographic Orion’s chef and chief baker.
  • A wine specialist adds tastings, discussions, and daily features with the menu.
  • Spin the globe and participate in a National Geographic GEO BEE—with a total prize of $10,000 in travel vouchers!
  • Tap into the tonic of wellness: Voyage-adapted yoga stretching and toning; cardio and weights in the fitness center; and a classic Swedish sauna. Plus, enjoy your choice of a rejuvenating wellness treatment—it’s on us.

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