Itinerary Overview

Experience the wonders of the oceans

On this ocean voyage you’ll have the rare chance to explore fascinating islands, isolated by expanses of ocean that are incredible oases of wildness and sites of intriguing histories. Shaped by their seafaring visitors over the centuries and countries that have colonized them, each island offers a different flavor – culinary, musically, and culturally. Discover several species of dolphins and whales feeding along the undersea shelves of the islands, and each is home to endemic and intriguing birdlife.


  • Enjoy a rich program of lectures by an expert team of naturalists, historians, and photographers; and take advantage of the ship’s state-of-the-art amenities, from wellness programs and spa treatments to gourmet dining options and wine tastings.
  • Explore rarely seen, remote islands with deep-seated cultures, unique cuisine, and seafaring traditions.
  • Enjoy special access to the unspoiled islands of Fernando de Noronha, a World Heritage Site. Snorkel amid the rich marine life and see the rich population of spinner dolphins.
  • Learn about the 18th-century Atlantic slave trade at the Cape Verde Islands and walk through its UNESCO World Heritage–designated old town.
  • Search for marine wildlife including dolphins and sperm whales, plus the possibility of blue, sei, orcas and pilot whales.

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