Cultural Experiences

Discover a rich web of natural history

Eons of natural history & the ageless story of exploration

Sail among the Old-World islands in the wake of the world’s great explorers, learning of their discoveries—and having plenty of your own. Balmy ocean breezes, dramatic island archipelagos, with extraordinary island geology.

Island culture with Old World influence and intriguing natural histories

The Azores islands have a unique history. Colonized by Portugal, the islands have taken on the flavors of the country but maintain their own idyllic island atmospheres. They formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity and have high rates of endemism and strange and beautiful landscapes carved from wind, water, and volcanic action. We find the charm of Old-World Europe over tea on a working plantation and at an old seafaring pub where ship captains used to drop the mail. We sample wine and learn about the viniculture process and enjoy authentic performances of Fado singing.

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