What It's Like/What You'll Do

How you’ll spend your time and reward your curiosity

Step aboard the National Geographic Endurance and embark on a grand ocean-crossing voyage sailing all the way from the sub-Antarctic through the tropics to Portugal. Along the way discover seldom-seen isles, places teeming with wildness, and intriguing cultures.

Front row seat on wildness

Experience_WhatItsLike-Vert.jpgZodiac cruise, kayak, hike, and explore some of the planet’s wildest, most remote, and most interesting lands. Our Captain’s dexterity and the logistical savvy of our expedition leader allow us to get you out on forays for up-close encounters with this region and its wonders. Head off in a Zodiac to spot penguins along the coast. Hike across a volcanic island. Walk a trail in a lush equatorial forest. Or linger with your National Geographic photographer or your Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructor to cover the seascapes, wildlife, and telling details as if you were on assignment for National Geographic magazine.

A sailor milestone

Set yourself to sea time and discover the romance of crossing the vast ocean by ship. Measure time by an island’s growth on the horizon, shoot photos of trailing seabirds, and indulge all of National Geographic Endurance’s many amenities while doing something every sailor should do at least once in their life—cross an ocean by ship.

Actively explore with breaks at sea built in

Experience_WhatItsLike-SmHoriz-2.jpgWalk among a colony of hundreds of thousands of penguins. Learn about the ways of life in the rugged Falklands. Visit the island where Napoléon Bonaparte lived out his final years. Hike on the isolated volcanic Cape Verde and Fogo islands. Snorkel the azure seas in the Canary Islands or hike in search of rare birdlife. And between each island exploration, enjoy relaxing time at sea by learning new skills or simply falling into the rhythm of days sailing and enjoying the spa, infinity pools, or splendid dining.

Window on the wildness

Sleek and powerful on the outside, National Geographic Endurance is quietly luxe in the best Scandinavian design on the inside. With over 10,000 square feet of glass to frame the spectacular scenery to keep you connected to the outside, while her décor and amenities keep you, and just 125 fellow passengers, spaciously and contentedly contained.

The undersea is integral to your voyage

Experience_WhatItsLike-SmHoriz-1.jpgWe are the only expedition company that travels with an undersea specialist as part of the expedition team. The undersea specialist suits up and dives or operates an ROV able to descend to 1,000 feet—and brings back footage of the life beneath the ship for you to enjoy on HD screens in the lounge. See what kind of life lies beneath the surface as we trace our way along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and discover a realm known to few.

Share the adventure

Whether they’re fellow guests, members of the expedition team, or a National Geographic photographer, you’re sure to find the company of like-minded others on board interesting. Our alliance with National Geographic creates unparalleled opportunities, and you’ll benefit from the onboard presentations that will take you ever deeper into richness and wonder.


Enjoy the daily ritual

Each evening at cocktail hour the entire expedition community gathers in the lounge for a ritual we call Recap. As you enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, various naturalists and our guest speakers give talks, the undersea specialist may show video, and your expedition leader will outline the following day’s schedule. Guests often tell us in comment cards that Recap remains one of the fondest memories of their expedition experience.

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