From epic penguin colonies to tropical life

Sailing along nearly 90 degrees of latitude, you’ll go from the icy waters of the sub-Antarctic through the tropics and to Europe. Discover the mind-boggling diversity of life along the route with experts aboard to illuminate all you see.

Discover a spectacle of life in the sub-Antarctic

Walk shores among tens of thousands of king penguins, see battling elephant seals, languid leopard seals, and cliffs of nesting albatross in one of the wildest places on Earth—South Georgia. And in the rugged Falklands see gentoo, rockhopper, and Magellanic penguins, plus the world’s largest colony of albatross. You’ll quickly discover why this region is one of our staff’s favorite places to explore.

Explore crystalline waters and tropical isles

Don a mask and snorkel the warm waters of the tropics in places like Ascension Island, an important breeding site for the endangered green sea turtle. On Tristan da Cunha search for the Inaccessible Island rail, the world’s smallest flightless bird, and just one of the rare endemics you’ll only find on these rarified islands in the middle of the ocean.

See the undersea, too

Tracing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge allows our undersea specialist aboard the thrill of launching an ROV and diving to shoot video of a realm of the benthic world that is seldom seen. From the comfort of National Geographic Endurance’s lounge share in the discovery of seeing places few humans have ever explored.

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