Itinerary Overview

Wild Coasts Aboard Our Newest Ship

Travel aboard the new National Geographic Endurance to the rarely visited shores and isles of the South Atlantic—places of stunning beauty that harbor a mesmerizing array of marine creatures. Enjoy a unique opportunity to experience Argentina’s rugged—and lesser-explored—eastern coast, seeking out secluded ports, wildlife-rich estuaries, and the whale-rich waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Península Valdés. Hike the rocky shores and atmospheric moors of the Falkland Islands among fur seals and the world's largest colony of black-browed albatross. Then get immersed in a sea of black and white amid tens of thousands of king penguins on a remote beach in South Georgia.

Expedition Highlights


  • Seek out one of the world’s largest and most spectacular marine mammals—the southern right whale—in its annual breeding grounds off Argentina’s eastern coast.
  • Experience traditional gaucho culture and cuisine at splendid estancias in Uruguay and Argentina.
  • Capture the windswept beauty of the Falkland Islands—and the albatrosses, penguins, and sea lions that inhabit this remote archipelago—with guidance from a National Geographic photographer.
  • Trace the spellbinding story of Shackleton’s fateful expedition on South Georgia, and walk a beach thronged with tens of thousands of stately king penguins.

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