Itinerary Overview

Feel the extreme contrasts of fire and ice

Go by land, sea, and air on our Iceland and Greenland tours, which hold wide-ranging adventure in a compact timeframe. Over just nine days you’ll soak in the heat of Iceland’s thermal baths, feel the spray of its thunderous falls, and explore the cool urban capital of Reykjavík. See Greenland’s epic ice cap that covers 80% of the country by air, then sail along its ice edge with glaciers that can stretch over 100 miles and calve some of the largest icebergs on Earth. You'll have two opportunities to witness the Northern Lights activity in both countries. Successfully capture their strange and beautiful dance on camera with help from a National Geographic photographer as you learn all about the dazzling phenomena from your experienced naturalists. Travel to Greenland’s long fjords choked with massive bergs and call at small communities to meet the hardy inhabitants. This expedition will enable you to:

  • Feel the extreme contrasts of fire and ice from the warmth of Reykjavík’s outdoor thermal baths to kayaking amid shimmering glacial ice
  • Take in opportunities to view the Northern Lights in both Iceland and Greenland
  • See the towering ice edge of Greenland up close and and sail among massive icebergs
  • Actively explore: hike, kayak, swim, horseback ride, and Zodiac cruise
  • Enjoy an exclusive, private dinner accompanied by acclaimed local musicians
  • Meet Greenlanders and learn about their traditions and way of life

Timed for Northern Lights
At the high latitudes where we explore, far from the bright lights of civilization, we often see the Aurora Borealis dance in staggering electric hues of green and blue. When conditions align correctly, our photo instructors will be on the bow to help you capture extraordinary images. So when our expedition leader makes the announcement over the PA that “the lights are out,” head outside with your camera and prepare for the most spectacular show on earth!

See epic ice—by air & sea
Greenland’s incredible ice cap is the second largest in the world, smaller only than Antarctica. Enjoy the opportunity to get a view of this incredible landscape while soaring over it on our charter flight—twice. And on the West Coast of Greenland we’ll sail Explorer into the deep fjords and Disko Bay to see a tongue of the ice cap and cruise among towering icebergs.

Fall under the spell of urban Reykjavík
Soak in the thermal baths of Reykjavík, take in its impressive architecture, and try your hand at cooking traditional fare in a fun, enlightening cooking class. Plus, by special arrangement, we’ll sail to Viðey Island for a private dinner hosted by a top regional chef and a fantastic performance by local musicians.

Exciting search for wildlife
Search for humpback, fin, and minke whales! We know the places these leviathans come to feed—undersea shelves where nutrient-rich upwellings are created. And our captain and expedition leaders have been consistently offering up close, respectful encounters with these sea creatures for decades. On land we’ll keep an eye out for the occasional Arctic fox as well as the myriad birdlife that occupies these lands.

Make your expedition as active as you choose
Get out and explore every day—bike, kayak, Zodiac cruise, hike and walk. You’ll have a choice of activities, plus your choice of naturalists to join—for a moveable feast of personalities, insights, and interests. Choice also includes opting to relax, too. Enjoy the view from behind Explorer’s panoramic glass windows. Or visit the fitness center with its generous views of the vistas, or ease into the sauna or a massage in the Wellness Center.

Travel in excellent company
Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, an assistant expedition leader, eight veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, plus a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, a Global perspectives guest speaker, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist and a video chronicler. Their knowledge and passion for the fascinating Arctic region is the key to your extraordinary experience. Meet the team.

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