Top 10 Reasons

See why traveling to the Arctic with us should be on your must-do list

1. The polar bear capital of the planet. Nowhere, and we mean nowhere, can the polar bear be seen more reliably in its completely natural environment. And we have a proven knack for finding them.

2 The World’s Ultimate Arctic Expedition Ship, National Geographic Explorer. A state-of-the-art, fully stabilized, ice-class vessel with an Ice-1A rating on the hull, Explorer launched in 2008 equipped with unmatched tools for exploration. She offers the privilege of safely exploring the planet’s most remote and wild places, and the luxury of comfort.

3. Experienced and engaging expedition team. Our staff have been exploring this rugged wilderness for years, even decades. Their in-depth knowledge, on-the-ground experience and overwhelming enthusiasm for the high Arctic will make your expedition. They are also ace spotters, able to locate white bears against white ice with uncanny accuracy—to provide thrilling sightings for you.

4. National Geographic photographer. A National Geographic photographer is on every departure aboard National Geographic Explorer. These tops pros are at your side and at your service—providing advice, tips and slideshows. Access to photographers of this caliber will help you improve your skills and ensure you’ll go home with incredible photos. 

5. The undersea, Illuminated. We are the only company in the Arctic with an undersea specialist aboard every voyage. Our specialist, suited for polar waters, dives to capture video footage in vivid HD. Shown on plasma screens in the ship’s lounge, and accompanied by an engaging narrative, this video lets you explore the virtually unknown Arctic undersea—warm, dry and with a cocktail in hand. Explorer is also equipped with an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) capable of exploring depths up to 1,000 feet, to film where no diver can go.

6. Mudmaps. Our ice masters have such vast experience in this region, they have made their own soundings and maps of areas that otherwise simply aren’t well-charted. In other words, we’ll get you to the “lesser-traveled” areas and back, safely.

7. Polar kayaking. We pioneered kayaking in the polar regions. We have devised a safe operation that allows you to enjoy the freedom and solitude of kayaking in the stunning arctic scenery.

8. Local flavor. We infuse local flavor into many elements of our cuisine and beverage. Whether it’s fish, sustainably caught in local waters, or the way your entrée is prepared and plated, you will definitely know where you are. And you can count on authenticity, since many of our galley staff are Scandinavian.

9. “Je ne sais quoi”—that certain something on National Geographic Explorer. It’s impossible to articulate, yet impossible to not feel: the spirit and camaraderie between the ship’s personnel and the guests. Once aboard, you’re family. Perhaps that’s why 54% of the guests on National Geographic Explorer have traveled aboard before.

10. Exclusive Video Chronicle of your expedition. Being in the moment, immersed in the experience is the joy of being in the Arctic. So, a professional video chronicler (VC) is aboard to capture the expedition moments you’ll want to remember for you. You can relax, and never worry that you’ve missed anything. Your VC will professionally edit and package the voyage chronicle, making it available for purchase before you embark ship.

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