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Our Russian Far East is an epically-scaled geography encompassing the remote Siberian coast, north beyond the Arctic Circle to Wrangel Island, and all the way east to Hokkaido, Japan. Depending on the itinerary you choose, you’ll traverse legendary seas: the Bering, the Chukchi, the Kara and other adventurous waters. Discover the special Ks—Katmai, Kamchatka, or the volcanic Kuril Islands. Visit the world’s largest polar bear nursery on Wrangel Island. Witness the lost worlds of Cold War outposts and the remains of gulags. Cruise in wonder past cliffs studded with millions of seabirds. Or see the Steller’s sea eagles unique to the Kuril Islands. Meet indigenous people renowned for their intricate walrus tusk ivory carvings, and see great huddles of Pacific walrus. Or encounter Japan’s little-known Ainu people in their traditional home on Hokkaido, a coast that is also home to red-crowned cranes.

Vast swaths of the region we’ll discover remain largely unexplored—an invitation to us to roam free at the eastern edge of the world, navigating some of the most untrammeled, adventurous and wildlife-rich coasts, islands and waters the planet offers. And with two top-tier ice-class vessels confidently tackling the nautical expanse, plus the best team of spotters and naturalists in the expedition business, we offer a great variety of ways to explore one of the most intriguing regions on Earth.

  • Go with a team of top naturalists and historians who illuminate all you see
  • Zodiac cruise, kayak, hike, and explore: there’s nothing passive about our expedition style
  • Get epic photos that tell the story of your voyage with help from a National Geographic photographer
  • Explore the Russian undersea through an ROV and an undersea specialist who dives to shoot video of this seldom-seen world
  • Meet welcoming locals in remote villages and outposts, and learn about their ways of life through conversation and cultural exchange

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