Russian Far East Wildlife

A panoply of remarkable creatures--on land and at sea

shutterstock_537392077.jpgRemote and untrammeled, this far corner of the world is prime real estate for an abundance of incredible animals—both on land and at sea.  Spot gray, humpback, and sperm whales sharing the waters with an array of other marine mammals including northern fur seals, sea otters, Pacific walrus, and Steller sea lions. Along the rugged coastlines you’ll sail past cliffs teeming with millions of seabirds—from horned and tufted puffins to murres and whiskered auklets. Depending on the itinerary you’ll also have the chance to encounter rare birds like the endangered red-crowned crane or the Blakiston's fish owl, the world’s largest living species of owl, and see the only breeding colony of snow geese in Asia.  The Kuril Islands and Kamchatka add the rare opportunity to spot and observe Steller's sea eagles, a species sighting eagerly anticipated by our expedition bird nerds and an exceptional addition to any birder's life list.

In this rarified part of the planet you can also search for beautiful Arctic foxes, herds of hardy muskoxen, and even see the tusks and remains of woolly mammoths—Wrangel Island was likely their last domain on Earth.  

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