Delfin II

Sail in tropical style & comfort with a small band of explorers

Delfin II accommodates just 28 guests in 14 beautifully appointed outside suites. This stately riverboat redefines modern elegance. Airy open spaces are detailed with clean lines in tropical hardwoods. Exotic flowers and fresh fruits from the rain forest add vibrant color and grace to the top deck lounge and dining room.

The tools for exploration on our luxury Amazon river cruise include nimble 10-person motorized skiffs, plus a fleet of sturdy kayaks. Rain ponchos and rubber boots are carried aboard for all. 

Life aboard—informal, relaxed, friendly

The luxurious setting is a perfect backdrop to our casual expedition style: there’s no need to dress up ever. The air-conditioned dining room and spacious suites provide a cool break from the tropical climate; while full size windows keep you connected to the tropical river views. A screened massage table on the upper deck provides a tranquil break. The small reference library invites you to take a book and sink into a rattan sofa. Beautifully prepared meals are served in a single seating in the dining room.


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