Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Yanalpa Trail, Supay Creek, San Jose

    Our week on board Delfin II exploring the Upper Amazon has almost come to an end; today is the last full-day of our expedition, but even today, we got to be amazed by the wildlife encounters we just had!

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  • Pacaya Samiria Reserve

    It´s hard to describe the grandeur and beauty of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve in the Peruvian Upper Amazon. We had the whole day to explore the heart of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve and it was a really good opportunity to immerse ourselves in one of the most pristine areas of the Amazon region. This is a remarkable experience which consisted of a three hour ride along the Pacaya River. During the journey, it’s possible to observe abundant wildlife every minute, either flying, climbing trees, running on the shore or jumping out of the water. It was a very good day to spot howler monkeys and blue and yellow macaws. This is also the best place to spot dozens of river turtles and black caimans. However, we had an unexpected encounter with giant otters, a magnificent aquatic mammal which are considered endangered and are very shy.

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  • Magdalena Creek and El Dorado River

    We navigated last night on what it would be the longest navigation of the trip. This long journey brought us today to a marvelous location known as Magdalena River.

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  • San Jorge Community and Clavero Lake

    Our day started with a skiff ride and a gorgeous sunrise, which gave us the chance to do some wonderful birdwatching. We spotted cotingas, white-wing swallows and various species of hawks. We came back onboard for breakfast, and later headed out on our skiffs again, this time to visit San Jorge Community. Here we had the chance to learn about this small river community and their way of living. It was also the opportunity to meet with a group of women leaders that have been engaged with Minga Peru on a series of sustainable development projects. To end up our morning, we had a presentation about iPhone photography.

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  • Pucate-Yanayacu Rivers, Casual trail and Nauta Creek

    After so many years of traveling the World with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, I have developed an inclination to look for art. No matter what destination, I am not only on the lookout for animals and landscapes, but for the very essence of the place, described through the eyes of the people. Whether they live nearby or because of the amount of time spent in the area, people have the natural instinct to develop many ways to describe their surroundings, and in some cases, utilize their natural resources to achieve this. It has been a pleasure to see over the past few years how the river villagers in the Amazon had developed ways to use these resources due the positive influence of the increasing tourism. 

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  • Iquitos Caño and Amazon Natural Park

    This was our first full day of expedition, and we already have experienced great encounters with unique wildlife and landscapes.  Early in the morning we visited Iquitos Caño, an area where we learnt about various bird and tree species. One of the several highlights of this outing was an up-close encounter with a capped heron, a wonderful looking bird. We also spotted a big troop of squirrel monkeys, of maybe 50 or more individuals.

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  • Supay Caño and Puerto Miguel Village

    This was our last day of exploration, but the exuberant forest of the Upper Amazon still had surprises in store for us. We had our first outing after breakfast to explore Supay Caño, a wonderful area to see birds and monkeys. Our highlight was the pygmy marmoset, which we found for the first time on this week. Although it’s difficult to spot this little creature, we were lucky to have a lot of time to find the right spot to watch the curious behavior of this wonderful primate. With great excitement, we came back for lunch, and to learn about the departure logistics for tomorrow. After lunch, guests shared their best images, which will be part of a slideshow with the photos we have been taking during the week.

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  • Pacaya River, Upper Amazon

    Today we woke up in an area that is rarely visited by tourists, or even locals for that matter. The location is the farthest point we have reached with our ship within the reserve, as it is restricted by law for larger ships to continue navigating any further from the point we had reached today.

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  • Ucayali River: Belluda Caño and El Dorado River

    What a day! It’s hard to describe the beauty and exuberance of the Amazon jungle.  The whole day has been full of wonderful encounters with different birds, monkeys, iguanas, sloths, and caimans. On our first skiff excursion in the morning, we explored the Ucayali riverside. Here we spotted several species of parrots and macaws, including the colorful blue and yellow macaw.

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  • Amazonas Community and Clavero Lake

    We started our morning exploring a location known as Marayali. I don’t even know if this name really exists, or if it is a creation of the locals by joining the two names of the main rivers that creates this vast body of water, The Marañon & the Ucayali! In the end, it didn’t matter where the name came from, as a significant amount of bird wildlife was found while exploring this marshland.

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