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Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Ucayali River, Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, Peru

    After a night of heavy rain and lightning, we awoke to beautiful, dry weather.   In the morning, we explored two narrow, blackwater streams named Iricahua and Cedro Caño.  During lunch, we made our way down the Ucayali River to our afternoon destination at the Yarapa River.  Here, one final skiff ride ended our magical exploration of the upper Amazon of Peru.

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  • Pacaya River and Magdalena Creek

    Today we went up the Rio Pacaya, into the farthest reaches of our expedition.  Amid our first sustained rains of the trip, we took breakfast in our skiffs and continued upriver to highwater lakes for our much anticipated dip in Amazon waters.  We spent the afternoon at scenic Magdalena Creek, where the sun finally broke through, and we watched parakeets, macaws, and toucans until dusk whisked us back to the Delfin II.

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  • Yanallpa creek and Dorado River

    Today was an excellent, long day of wildlife discoveries.  From abundant macaws at sunrise, to caimans after sunset, we encountered an array of great animal encounters.  All with the fine comforts of the Delfin II and the delicious cuisine of the Peruvian Amazon, what a great day!

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  • San Jorge and the Confluence of the Amazon

    Seeing the wilderness of the Amazon is only half the story.  This morning we had the privilege of visiting the San Jorge community on the north banks of the Marañon River.  Kids on their summer vacation greeted us at the dock, and acted as tour guides at their 400-inhabitant village.  We then met with the women of Minga Peru, a NGO focused on women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability.  It was hard leaving such an enlightened village, but today would be our longest day of river navigation of the trip, and we would meet the confluence of the true Amazon River before heading up the Ucayali.

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  • Marañon River, Peru

    For many, wildlife sightings are the main reason to come to the Amazon.  Today, we saw an incredible amount of wildlife, from monkeys to the tiniest poison dart frogs.  Dolphins were around the ship for much of the day, sloths were spotted actually moving around, and parrots and parakeets swarmed overhead.   As well, the weather cooperated perfectly with gorgeous excursions in the morning and afternoon and a mid-day thunderstorm to drop the temperature.

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  • Iquitos and the Marañon River

    Touch down in the Amazon!  After a 90-minute flight across the Andes, we arrived yesterday from the bustling capital Lima to the remote region of Loreto, and the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.  Guests were surprised to see so many people upon our arrival in Iquitos, which at half a million, is the most populous city in the world without road access.  Surrounded by hundreds of “motorcars,” the Peruvians answer to a tuk-tuk, we toured downtown and preceded to our restaurant Al Frío al Fuego, which literally floats in the middle of the Itaya River.  

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  • Iricahua & Yarapa Creek

    This was an outstanding day regarding the sightings of birds and sloths! The diversity of places we have visited throughout our expedition in the Amazon rain forest is fascinating. Most of this region is flat and flooded for most of the year. It is also fascinating the amount of life we have found as we explored the forest and rivers. There are colorful birds, raptors of all sizes, river dolphins, and monkeys everywhere!

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  • Pacaya River and Magdalena River

    Today we decided to mix it up a bit. We still went out early in the morning, but this time we took breakfast with us! Breakfast in the rainforest surrounded by birds and monkeys is the perfect way to start the day. We had more amazing wildlife sightings today and even got to swim in a lake and have pink river dolphins swim within 10 yards of us.

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  • Belluda Creek & Dorado River

    We are enjoying our early morning outings so much. There has not been rain showers during our outings in this jungle that offers possibilities of rain every day. The mornings have been so productive regarding sightings of mammals and birds of all colors and sizes. During our outing we spotted monkeys in the early hours as they had their breakfast, including fruit and insects. Moments later we spotted some of the jewels of the jungle! Two types of macaws perching in trees, some of them were the red bellied and others the large and dazzling blue and yellow macaws. Indeed, it was worth every minute out in the vast green forest.

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  • Amazonas Village and Clavero Lake

    Our day today was quite diverse with wildlife, a visit to a village, and time spent at the beginning of the Amazon river itself. We divided our time today on the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers, and of course, where they combine is the mighty Amazon. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, and a nice mid-day rainstorm to cool things off a bit.

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