Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Amazon River

    After another delicious breakfast we went to a local village called Amazonas to learn about the traditional way of life and how it’s changing. While we were there a few dozen of the local children followed us around and posed for photos, we watched a demonstration about pressing sugarcane juice for drinking or fermenting, we learned about how to use traditional plants to make dyes, and we visited the local school house.

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  • Casual Forest and Nauta Creek

    We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the Marañon River. After breakfast, we were outfitted with rubber boots for a hike in the jungle. After a short skiff ride, we entered the rainforest for a beautiful hike in Casual Forest, where we saw an abundance of fascinating creatures. There were two different poison arrow frogs, a giant monkey frog, and a huge tarantula, among others. On the way back to the landing we walked through the “rainforest mall” where locals go to sell their crafts.

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  • Iricahua Creek and Yarapa River

    We finally got to sleep in this morning…at 6:00 a.m.! We skipped the usual pre-breakfast skiff ride and went directly to breakfast, which was fantastic as usual. Before we even boarded the skiffs, there was wildlife viewing to be done. From the bow of the riverboat you could see squirrel monkeys and saddle back tamarinds. Then, when we boarded the skiffs for an exploration of the very narrow Iricahua Creek, there were many, many more gorgeous things to see. Blue-yellow macaws, hoatzen, and white-eared jacamar are just a few of the birds we viewed. In the middle of the skiff ride, a few fishermen came by and let us look at the assortment of fish they had caught, including catfish and piranhas.

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  • Zapote and Pacaya River

    We continue our exploration upstream to some of the farthest points along the Ucayali River today. In the morning, we left the ship very early to explore. We found a secluded spot along Zapote River and tied the three skiffs together in order to enjoy breakfast while floating on the mirrorlike waters of the river. In the afternoon, we navigated to the farthest point along the Ucayali River we would reach on our trip. We explored it deeply in order to reach a black water lagoon to offer the “Amazon Plunge.”

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  • Ucayali and Dorado River

    Delfin II continued navigating upstream along the Ucayali River today. We visited two wildlife hotspots. In the morning, we left for an early outing looking for exotic birds and primates. In the afternoon, we went on a late afternoon exploration looking for nocturnal wildlife along El Dorado River.

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  • Clavero Lake and Supay Creek

    This is the first morning of our adventure in the Upper Amazon aboard Delfin II, and we began very early with the first light. Our guests boarded a skiff for a pre-breakfast ride, we spotted pink river dolphins and several species of birds.

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  • Supay Creek, Local Village & Yarapa River

    The week has been incredible, each place we have visited brought us many surprises. The Pacaya–Samiria Reserve is a large area that remains protected for the well-being of all.  The Amazon includes Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. It’s important for all humanity, as 25% of the oxygen we breathe comes from here. And, this place is home for 35% of all the species of plants and animals living on our planet. We have been exploring this incredible emerald world for one week, and our trip is soon coming to an end.  But, today, we came to explore Supay, a creek with much biodiversity. We spotted blue cotingas, tucanets, and our highlight of the morning: a flock of paradise tanagers that came so low, and so close to us, that we were able to spot the seven metallic iridescent colors they have! Paradise tanagers are considered the top 10 most beautiful birds on earth.

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  • Pacaya River & Magdalena River

    Today I woke up in high spirits. I had a feeling that this was going to be an extraordinary day and luckily, I was not wrong! We had a wonderful exploration day today. We went to the skiffs very early in the morning, at 5:30 a.m. and we headed to the Pacaya River with the intention to go as far as we could inside the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. This river is the farthest destination we will reach in our expedition this week. From the skiffs, we had great encounters with wildlife. All of us had great views of herons, hoatzins, horned screamers, birds of prey, and more. Several red howler monkey troops were spotted as well.

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  • Belluda Caño and El Dorado River

    To really have fun and see many kinds of species here in the jungle, you need to be out early in the morning or late in the afternoon – the best times to enjoy the jungle. Today we were out by 6:00 a.m. to explore Belluda. First, we explored the main riverbank of the Ucayali. This spot is very famous for red-belly macaws and yellow and blue macaws, they live in holes in dead big trees here. Early in the morning, as soon they wake up, they come out of their holes to preen their feathers for few minutes before starting their flight around the forest in search of what they need to survive.

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  • San Jorge Village & Clavero Lake

    Early in the morning we started a brand new day of exploration by visiting San Jorge Village. Here we had a great time watching and experiencing firsthand how people live nowadays in the Amazon region. Our visitors could see how so many little things that we may take for granted can mean so much for other people in a different environment and under different conditions.

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