Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Iricahua Creek and Puerto Prado Community

    After being fay away from the civilization we had our longest motoring last night to come back close to Nauta, the first town where we started our expedition. Last night it rained heavily, that was good for our expedition because the morning cleared up, starting chilly but then very warm. We are one more time ready to explore the wonders of the jungle, at six am we took our vehicles o exploration and wet all the way creek in; after few minutes of navigation we started to see the beauty of this place, few chestnut aracaris were resting on the canopy, later on, a toucan did a great performance singing high on a tree. They make a very distinguishable sound, what alerts our fearless guides the proximity of one. Scarlett macaws are “the jewel of the crown”, they are magical and majestic birds, the red yellow and blue color of their feathers in the upper part are bright metallic and shines with the minimum amount of light, there were a couple resting on a branch and stayed few minutes with us for our enjoyment. Red and green macaws and yellow and blue macaws constantly decorated the sky with their bright colors too. We returned to our ship very happy of having a great morning fully of surprises.

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  • Hatun Poza and Pacaya River

    Today we are the farthest away into the jungle, The Pacaya - Samiria Reserve is very big, more than two millions of hectares of a beautiful emerald world. The amazon forest that includes six south American countries is almost the size of United States. At 6:00 am we jumped one more time onto the three skiffs to explore Hatun Poza creek; there is a small community where we found very kind people that allow us to explore their homeland. The morning got a precious light for photography; along the flooded lagoon we saw many types of birds, orioles, donacobius, seedeaters, tanagers, and roadside hawks. One of the main attractions in the jungle is to find sloths hanging on the Cecropia trees, we found two of them so close to us, eye level, ¡great experience!

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  • Belluda Creek and El Dorado River

    The weather has been so good with us, any rain just few drizzle and mostly sunny day on the “Rain-Forest” and this morning was not the exception. We had breakfast to start our day at six o’clock and then at seven am we departure to Belluda, a long-narrow creek where the birds are abundant; as soon as we initiated our exploration we spotted few lettered aracaris and chestnut-eared aracaris eating on some local fruits. The sound of macaws was heard everywhere; we were very lucky to spot three types of them, blue and yellow macaw, scarlet macaw, and the red and green macaw. Also, we found Isabel Saki monkeys, saddle back tamarind monkeys. One of my highlights was to find a very pretty bird, which is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the world; it is known as the seven colors bird and indeed! The blue, red, green, black, purple, yellow and grey iridescent colors make them a very spectacular creature: The paradise tanager.

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  • San Jorge Community and Clavero Lake

    Our morning activity was concentrated in San Jorge Community. Right after breakfast, we loaded the skiffs and navigated to get there. We were welcome by the village people and a representative of a nonprofit organization called Minga Peru.

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  • Renacal, Yanayacu River and Amazon Natural Park

    After a delicious breakfast, we loaded the skiffs and navigated along the Yanayacu River. This black water river flows into the Maranon River. We explored very deep inside the reserve.

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  • Pahuachiro Creek, Casual Trail and Nauta Cano

    Our first day at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve began with exploring, before breakfast, a small tributary of the Maranon River: Pahuachiro Creek. Howler monkeys could be heard in the distance. The area was covered with different species of birds. It was a good way to start our day.

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  • Supay, Iricahua and Puerto Prado Community

    Our last day exploring the reserve started with a fresh, overcast morning. Some of our guests decided to explore the area of Supay by kayak while others went on the skiff. The pre-breakfast exploration was enjoyed by all.

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  • Atum Poza and Pacaya River

    This morning we explored the Atum Poza area.  Access to this area is only through high water. Several species of birds were seen by our guests. Since we left early from Delfin II to explore, we has a delicious breakfast on board the skiff in the mid-morning. It’s so great to enjoy a breakfast while hearing the different birds calls.

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  • Belluda Cano and Dorado River

    Our fourth day exploring the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve started with a gentle rain. This didn’t discourage our explorers who, before breakfast, loaded into the skiffs all geared up for the rain.

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  • San Jorge community and Clavero Lake

    The upper Amazon is not only jungle and animals; it is also ancient communities of people that have been living here for thousands of years, they co-exist in these ecosystems and paly a very important role nowadays un the conservation of one of the biggest “lounges” of the planet that provides oxygen and life to the rest of the world. The amazon area located south-America is almost the size of the Unites States in North America.

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