Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Supay and Yarapa Rivers

    This morning, our group decided that we loved this area so much—especially the magical early mornings here—that we would stay longer. The Yarapa River was amazing—full of wildlife and with perfect light for our photographers. 

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  • Pacaya River & El Dorado trail, Ucayali River

    Deep into the Pacaya River we discovered a sense of how the Amazon must have been before humans arrived to the area. Massive trees and walls of green fringed the Pacaya, in places seemingly impenetrable, and very few signs of human presence were seen through the day other than rangers’ huts. We saw a lot more in variety and quantity in terms of wildlife today. The swim in the Amazon is always a hit, and most participated in the ritual after lunch.

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  • Yanalpa & Dorado River

    Just as almost every morning, we had the choice of leaving the ship at dawn to explore the tributaries of the Amazon River by skiff. And just as every morning, 99% of us took it. Indeed the ideal time to explore. This morning was particularly beautiful! Clear blue sky, the golden hues of the sun just peaking over the forest, and the river was covered with a thick layer of mist… Just gorgeous!

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  • San Jorge & Clavero Lake

    Macaws are always a good way to start the day! We found a group of blue and yellow and another of red-bellied at the margin of the river early this morning, before they departed from their roosting trees to their feeding grounds, demonstrating the importance of early starts in these tropical latitudes. Later on, we went on a community visit where we could interact with the locals and hear about the different projects they carry on with the help of Minga Peru and our support. In the afternoon, we cruised Clavero Lake in a quest for the smallest primate in the world, the pigmy marmoset and were rewarded with fine views of these minute creatures. All of us enjoyed a great return to the ship, during a magnificent sunset.

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  • Casual Trail & Nauta Caño

    Last night Delfin II sailed to our destination for today to visit the Casual area and the Nauta Caño. Early this morning we left the ship to explore by skiff another one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River. The morning weather was fantastic! The cool air hit our faces as the skiffs sped up the river under the raising sunlight. 

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  • Iquitos Caño; Marañón River

    The Marañón has plenty of landscapes in its hundreds of miles of extension and plenty of tributaries that provide the massive amount of waters that form it. Even in low water season, it is an impressive river. We explored one of the many narrow ‘caños’ (tributaries) early in the morning, when the wildlife is more active and visible. After breakfast, we went for our first hike in these cathedrals of green formed by massive and imposing trees that we were able to explore from a canopy level. The day ended with another exploration in skiff, surrounded by shy pink dolphins and thousands of birds. Not a bad start to our Amazon expedition!

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  • Supay & Yarapa River

    Early morning we left Delfin II, our floating home in the Amazon, to explore by skiff another of the tributaries of the main river called Supay. Hardly any clouds in the sky this morning, it promised to be a dry morning in the rainforest. Very soon, as they always do, our naturalists and skiff drivers started to find and show us -- seemingly out of nowhere -- several birds and animals that they found concealed in the dense forest foliage. It never ceases to amaze me... “how did they see it?!” Pigmy marmosets, toucans, macaws, tanagers, flycatchers and more.

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  • Pacaya River & El Dorado Trail

    Today we visited the wildest part of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, something that was obvious as soon as we realized there were no human settlements and plenty more of wildlife than anywhere we had been before. To reach our destination we set out early on a full day outing, reaching very deep in the Pacaya River and having the support of our great crew that produced a magnificent lunch for our stop in the middle of the jungle! After lunch it was time for a rest to recover strength as we start our way downriver. After dinner we went ashore for a night hike.

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  • Belluda Caño & Dorado River

    This morning, dawn found us already exploring Belluda Caño, another one of the tributaries of the Amazon River. It was indeed a very successful morning; we looked at macaws awaking, noisily socializing, and going to the areas where they feed. We got to find some very interesting animals such as a southern tamandua anteater, an animal that we do not get see often. 

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  • Marayali Caño, Amazonas & Clavero Lake

    Before breakfast we set out on a skiff ride to a very narrow and shallow Caño that turned out to be filled with wildlife including a very obliging rusty whipsnake and hundreds of birds of different species. We then visited Amazonas, a local community where very well organized and proactive women run several projects. We learned about their fish farms, plantations for wood and food, handicrafts and the way they produce them. Right before lunch we sailed the confluence of the Marañón and the Ucayali, where the Amazon is actually born. We toasted and later continued up the Ucayali, where we are going to spend the rest of our trip. This is the wildest part of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve and we could notice that already in our afternoon visit to Clavero Lake and a narrow and twisted tributary at its end.

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