Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Nauta Creek, Amazonas & Amazon River

    Today we explored this unique rainforest for the last time. In the morning we visited Nauta Creek, a very special location that is home for various types of birds and monkeys. In the afternoon we visited Amazonas Community to learn about the projects that we, as National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions, support. At the end of the afternoon we invited all of our guests to join us for one last exploration and a very special toast on the actual Amazon River.

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  • Yanayaquillo Creek and Casual Forest

    This morning we navigated along the Marañon River and visited an area known as Yanayaquillo. This beautiful creek led us to an even more wonderful place, where the whole lagoon was covered with river lettuce, and several kinds of frogs and even Cayman lizards were observed. In the afternoon, we explored a beautiful forest in the non-flooded area along the Marañon River, searching for tiny creatures such as tarantulas and frogs. The experience of being in the forest surrounded by the exuberant green vegetation surpassed anything we could have hoped to see.

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  • Iricahua Creek and Yarapa River

    Today we explored an area we haven’t visited in years—due to the high-water levels at this time of the year, we are granted access through the forest to explore this remarkable place called Iricahua. In the afternoon, we navigated downstream to Yarapa River to look for three different kinds of monkeys and we found them among the lush and green forest on the river bank.

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  • Pacaya River

    Up at 5 o’clock! This was our earliest morning yet, but it was for good reason. First we ventured out in search of monkeys and macaws, and once again, we weren’t disappointed. A troop of red howler monkeys navigated the treetops and a pair of juvenile scarlet macaws gave us a rare treat. Screaming to the high heavens, the siblings swooped in and landed in a tree right out in the open in glorious morning light and blue skies. They proceeded to hang out as we all floated on the water watching them.

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  • Ucayali and Sapote River

    The wildlife is up for sunrise and so are we. This morning the promise of macaws pulls us from our sleep, and we’d barely begun the search when our guides spotted a flock of more than a dozen red-bellied macaws perched among the treetops. Minutes later a trio of blue-and-yellow macaws squawked as they flew over our heads.

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  • Supay and Yarapa Creeks

    We continued our journey downstream along the Ucayali River. This morning we explored Supay Creek by skiffs and kayaks. As we ventured deeper into the creek, we spotted titis and pygmy marmosets! It always exciting to see them for both are very rare.

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  • Pacaya River & Night Walk

    I had the feeling that was going to be a fantastic day, and I was not wrong! We started this day very early, at 5:30, with a great exploration morning in the remote Pacaya River, which is the farthest destination we will reach in our expedition this week.

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  • Belluda Creek and El Dorado River

    Delfin II visited one special place along the Ucayali River known for the vast diversity of birds and monkeys. Our guests were able to spot yellow and blue macaws perched on trees at the distance and saddleback tamarind monkeys.

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  • Amazonas Village & Clavero Lake

    Today we continued our journey in the Peruvian Upper Amazon. Just after breakfast, we visited a village in the Amazonas. Here we experienced firsthand how people live in the Upper Amazon region of Peru. Guests marveled at how the little things in life we take for granted can mean so much for other people in a different environment.

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