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Delfin II is the most gracious and lovely river ship to sail the Amazon. Spacious, crafted of gleaming hardwood, she is both modern and welcoming. Her public spaces are beautifully appointed—with tropical flowers and native handicraft decorative details. Open decks, tropical hammocks perfect for lounging, and huge picture windows in each suite mean the river dramatically unfolds before your eyes. The covered top deck offers a wonderful cross breeze and panoramic views. And with just 28 guests on this luxury Amazon cruise, Delfin II fosters an exceptional esprit de corps and rewarding new friendships.

Superb dining 
The gourmet cuisine is exceptional for its flavors and provenance. All the food is local, literally grown in the surrounding rain forest, by natives who maintain sustainable agricultural practices. The “pillow” chocolates are crafted of local cacao and freshly squeezed juices and fruits of an amazing variety are offered daily. The sole non-rain forest products used on the ship are the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Informal ambience, relaxed attitude 
You may be surrounded by high tropical style on Delfin II but there’s no need to dress up during your voyage—it’s casual and comfortable. Meals are served at one seating, and since there is no assigned seating you can mingle as you like, and independent travelers can count on being warmly welcomed at any table. Take time to explore the ship and her lovely public areas or relax in your spacious suite as the jungle-lined river banks sail past.

The personal ahhhh factor 
You’ll find complete details in our Ships Section. Suffice it to say, your suite offers cool air-conditioned comfort, crisp, cotton linens, and a minimalist décor designed to soothe, relax, and restore. Open the curtains and giant windows instantly connect you to the lush environs. Your bathroom is stocked with organic sunblock, insect repellent, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Sociable spaces, quiet corners
Once on board you will quickly become acquainted with every aspect of the ship. From the inviting public areas where you can read your favorite book or escape to the more sociable spaces where you are likely to join an engaging conversation. Our naturalists and expedition leader are always available for questions and to point out a good wildlife sighting as we make our way along the river. 

Rise, shine & connect with wildness
We take full advantage of the early morning activity of the animals and birds to ensure you have the best sighting possibilities. Make the effort to wake early, and you’ll be rewarded with freshly brewed coffee. Our evening skiff excursion adds an exciting dimension to your explorations of the tropical wildness around you—before your suite and sleep beckon you back.

Onboard spa treatments
A screened and tranquil corner of the top deck is outfitted with a massage table where a licensed onboard therapist offers you a choice of treatments, including aromatherapy, with a selection of essential oils from the rain forest.


Many of the dishes used locally available fruits, vegetables and ingredients, environmentally good and provided an opportunity to taste Peruvian cuisine.

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