Make Art, Make A Difference

See Galápagos in a deeper, richer way through making art

Select Galápagos expeditions invite guests to create art and in the process see the isles in a different and meaningful way that empowers them to become insightful conservation ‘ambassadors’.

Explore with and learn from acclaimed artists
Experience plein air drawing in the most amazing wildlife ‘classroom’ on Earth. Join our onboard artist-in-residence, Amy Bartlett Wright to learn how to truly see, and represent, the creatures of Galápagos—wild animals who calmly pose for their portraits! Participate in drawing sessions on board and ashore; discover drawing ability you never knew you had, or take your skills to the next level as you observe and learn about natural history while you record it.

Travel with Amy Bartlett Wright aboard National Geographic Islander departures Sep. 16 & 23, 2017
Amy drew finch specimens at Harvard Museum of Natural History that Darwin described following his studies in the Galápagos over 100 years ago. She has illustrated 68 natural history books, including one on shell identification for National Geographic. Learn more about Amy.

Create inspiring images 

The Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructors onboard will help you craft impressive and inspiring images from your expedition. Share them with friends at home or on social media and spread the inspiration to protect these wild islands. 

Flamingo illustration by Former Artist-in-Residence
Jonathan Alderfer

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