Galápagos Marine Reserve

Enlightened conservation has preserved the Galápagos undersea

On March 21, 2016 Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa declared that a third of the Galápagos Marine Reserve would be a fully-protected no-take zone where nothing can be extracted—even ocean life. Our CEO & Founder Sven Lindblad was on hand for the event, an important decree that will ensure the continued vibrancy and biodiversity of the Galápagos marine system and add to the future of the human community that depends on it. It is, as President Correa said, “A gift to the world.”

Pristine Seas & our guests working to preserve the undersea

In December 2015 National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Enric Sala led a Pristine Seas team on an expedition to survey and document the undersea biodiversity of Galápagos. Inspired by Dr. Sala and his team’s findings, the government of Ecuador announced the creation of the marine sanctuary encompassing 18,000 square miles of fully protected ocean, as well as 21 smaller conservation areas scattered throughout the volcanic archipelago.

Our guests deserve credit too! Sven Lindblad said, “An additional, and vital component in this landmark ‘victory for the ocean,’ as I see it is—the consistent, year in, year out support our guests have provided to Galápagos—to scientists, conservationists, and forums that have explored how to effect policy in positive ways.”

Explore with us to see & do more in the marine reserve

Given the mandate to protect Galápagos, the National Park exercises strict control over visitation—islands able to be visited, number of guests on an island at any given time, and duration of time spent on an island. This would seem to indicate that you would have the same experience regardless with which company you choose to travel. Not true. Given our nearly 50-year heritage in Galápagos and our commitment to the islands, we’re dedicated to giving you the richest, most in-depth and joyful experience possible—and we’re uniquely equipped to do so.

You’ll explore with the benefit of an undersea specialist, and we provide all the snorkeling gear you’ll need—no need to pack your own. National Geographic Endeavour offers a glass-bottom boat so you can stay dry and see the undersea while a naturalist explains the fish, reefs, and ecosystem. Expect to snorkel almost every day, and sometimes twice a day. And if you choose to skip an outing for a massage or time to relax, you’ll still be able  to see underwater video footage from the day that’s been captured by our expert staff. 

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