Traveling With Family and Naturalist Mentors

A mentor, according to the dictionary, is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. These words might conjure up images of an old and bearded man in a long flowing robe or a woman with long white hair and glasses perched on her nose. Fortunately, today we know that wisdom and knowledge can be found most anywhere. The trick is to learn to look for it. Every day can become an expedition of sorts.

There is a fountain of youth. Ponce de Léon claimed to have found it in Florida but we know better. It waits wherever wildlife is free and nature can be found. It waits in the heart that can find joy in the song of a bird, the breach of a whale or the roar of a waterfall. A naturalist never grows old for life is watching and learning. Our bodies may creak or groan but we unfailingly will respond with cheers and enthusiasm when a dolphin crosses our bow or a dragonfly lands on our nose. Even the sound of the wind whistling through the trees or waves lapping against the hull can wash the cares of the world away and bring smiles to our faces. Lindblad Expeditions has a staff of experienced naturalists waiting to share the joy of living with your child. 

Join a family expedition on a Galapagos cruise, to Arctic Norway, Alaska or the Amazon where naturalist mentors will engage your youth in exciting explorations. Journaling will be encouraged as well as learning about the operations of the ship. Mentors can be found within the crew too as they enthusiastically describe their roles on board. It has been said that it takes a community to raise a child and the shipboard community is filled with role models from the naturalist mentors, to the officers and crew, to other guests and your own family too. Our adventures are not just cruises but a time to learn while having fun.

Join Lindblad Expeditions and the National Geographic on a family expedition to Alaska, the Arctic or the Galapagos and the Amazon or any other destination. The naturalists will be pleased to be your mentors too.

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