Family Expeditions and Experiential Travel

Yes, you can read about it in a book or watch a documentary on television but in the end do you really know the locale. There has been an intermediary. Someone else has interpreted the place, has applied his or her own past experiences and said to you, “This is how it is.” But is it? What about the smells and sounds? Words of description might attempt to conjure these for our minds but it is not the same. One most go, experience it all for oneself. Experiential travel is no more or no less than doing just that, being in the place you’re at.

At Lindblad Expeditions we believe in taking the time to explore. Our staff is ready to safely guide you to remote and fascinating places. We’ll introduce you to the local folk and wildlife. But in the end you will create the experience and take home your own understanding of the place.

It’s hard for us as adults not to tell our children what they are seeing. But we can learn to help them to discover. The first step is packing up and deciding on a family expedition for the more our children travel the more rounded they become. They recognize their place in the natural world and in the world of human’s too. They find out about the land and see why certain plants are where. With that they get an inkling of why animals choose to be where they do.

You can take an
 Arctic cruise to Arctic Norway where no indigenous peoples ever lived. Or venture deep into an old growth forest in southeast Alaska and hear the sucking sounds of mud as it grips tight to your booted foot. Movies have planted within our minds the sound of jungle creatures, but are they right? Journey to the Amazon or take an Ireland tour on another family expedition and test it out. The Galapagos Islands too are a great place for families to take a Galapagos cruise where Latin American culture blends with wild diversity.

Travel with experience and learn the meaning of experiential travel.

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