Family Expeditions and Voyages of Discovery

Help your children gain insight of the world by taking them on a voyage of discovery, a family expedition.

The world is so diverse. Your yard is different than mine. Your country has its own language and the people their own way of thinking. You interpret an action, an image in a way that reflects your past experiences, just as I do. But our lives have not been the same and so our answers might not be at all alike. Neither one is right or wrong but in some cases the action might require compromise. Travel is a voyage of discovery, not necessarily of just the place or just the culture within that place but of how we all fit together on this planet earth. Travel fosters an understanding of people and their habitats.

There is a wild world out there to discover too. Explore why mountains rise in some realms and yet they are eroded to tiny nubbins in others. There is a reason why the climate is the way it is and many reasons why it might be changing. Humans chose to live where food, water, shelter and space were available to them in close proximity. Animals require the same components to survive and their choices follow the same patterns. What happens when wildlife and man collide? A cruise with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic opens the world to you and your family by inciting questions and seeking answers.

Sailing upon the sea and exploring new lands, wild or civilized is a voyage of discovery for the individual too. There is time to just sit and stare far off, to mediate and ruminate on past and present and future. Fellow guests have much to share. Maybe one or many will become a model, a mentor for your youth. Going to school is not the only way to learn which path to follow. Travel opens many doors in many minds.

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic offer family expeditions to Alaska, Arctic Norway, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon and Greece. Join us on a
 family expedition and a true voyage of discovery to any or all of these as well as to many other worldwide destinations.

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