Family Expeditions to Galapagos, Alaska, Arctic and More

Auburn hair tumbled down around her shoulders and amber eyes flashed in and out of focus as her mind mingled memories of the past with the realities of the present. Snuggled close beside her, her two young sons sat mesmerized by her tales.

“Mommy, what color was the bear? “ inquired the eldest.

“In Alaska the bears were brown or black and all shades in between. It’s funny how their names are so confusing. Brown bears are sometimes black and black bears sometimes brown. Their size and body shape are what make them different. I’ve never seen a white bear though, a polar bear, but Grandma has, many times in Arctic Norway.”

“Was she frightened when she saw it?”

“Only the foolish would not be scared for polar bears are fierce and in the summer often very hungry. But if one understands their world and their habits they can be observed going about their lives quite undisturbed?”

“And Mommy, what about the sea lions? Did you really swim with them?”

“Yes, my love, in the Galapagos Islands and Baja California too. When you’re a little older maybe you can too. And we can see the different seals in Alaska and the far north, in Arctic Norway and maybe for a change look for snakes while we sail down the Amazon River.”

“And can Grandma come too?”

Is this every grandparent’s dream or a wish come true? Only memories tie us as a family. What greater gift can there be than to gather our loved ones and explore the world together on an expedition or cruise to some exotic place like Alaska or Arctic Norway, the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon or anywhere else for that matter?

Lindblad Expeditions encourages families and extended families to adventure together on their small expedition cruise vessels. The
 National Geographic Endeavour and Islander spend their year in the Galapagos Islands where fun in the sun and sea is set amidst a plethora of wildlife, guaranteed on our Galapagos cruise. Kids of all ages love the thrill of danger, or at least the hint of danger and here is where the bears come into play. Black bears and brown abound in southeast Alaska’s archipelago. Here the cozy size of the National Geographic Sea Lion and Sea Bird keeps family members close but allows a little alone time too while searching for both terrestrial and marine mammals. And then there are the polar bears, adorable in countenance but ferocious in attitude. These kings of the polar realm can be observed from the decks of Lindblad’s flagship, the National Geographic Explorer. But if it is the beat of the jungle drum that calls to one, cruise down the Amazon together on the Delfin II. Memories truly do last forever. It’s time to create some on a family expeditions.

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