Top 10 Reasons

See why traveling to Galápagos with us should be on your must-do list

1. Experience matters. We have been leading expeditions to Galápagos for 50 years. No other company has the depth of connection to the place, its wildlife, its human population and its conservation that we do.This is not a boast on our part, but rather a reason: our tenure here is your assurance that traveling with us will make the most of your time, intelligence, and curiosity.

2. Ship operation matters. Since 1997 we have operated our own vessels in Galápagos from the original Polaris to the beloved 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour, our yacht-like 48-guest National Geographic Islander and, our newest ship which launched in January 2017, the 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour II.

3. Convenience matters. Our ships operate year-round, each offering full-week itineraries, with National Geographic Endeavour II departing every Friday and National Geographic Islander departing every Saturday. So, whether you like to plan travel well in advance or spontaneously decide to get away for a week, you can.

4. Conservation matters. Since 1967, we have played an active role in Galápagos conservation initiatives, working in conjunction with the Galápagos National Park, the Charles Darwin Research Station, local NGOs, and committed community groups. Since 1997 together with our guests, we have raised $7.8 million to support conservation, education, research, and community development priorities. We established the LEX-NG Fund to manage grants made in the region.

5. Photos matter. You’ll have an extraordinary time, and go home with the pictures to prove it, thanks to our onboard photo instructors. Trained at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., our skilled instructors will help you make the most of your daily encounters with the wildlife. And for more photography, you can book one of several Photo Expeditions with National Geographic photographers each year.

6. Knowledge matters. A core group of naturalists work exclusively for Lindblad-National Geographic, providing a continuity of in-depth knowledge and our guest-centric tradition. Our generous naturalists-to-guest ratio means more diversity of personalities and insights for you.

7. Choice matters. Our guests are never made to feel part of a herd. Our approach to experiencing the islands is active, flexible, choice- and small-group based. Swim, snorkel, and kayak almost every day. Walk, hike—vigorously, moderately, or leisurely. Zodiac cruise the islands’ fascinating shorelines. Take advantage of our onboard certified photo instructor; and our wellness program for daily stretching classes and nature-inspired treatments.

8. Cool onboard tools matter. No other company can match our tools for exploration: video microscopes, plasma screens, undersea specialists, hydrophones, video chroniclers, splash cams and daily expedition reports. These tools make exploring Galápagos richer, and friends & family can follow along, too.

9. The undersea matters. Our ships are equipped with complete snorkel gear, including wetsuits; yours for the duration of the voyage. And to ensure that the undersea is a huge part of your experience, our undersea specialist dives, records, and reveals it in onboard video presentations. Plus, National Geographic Endeavour II is equipped with a glass-bottom boat for dry undersea exploring.

10. Friends & family matter. Galápagos offers something for everyone. And we’re committed to fostering the unique bonding opportunities Galápagos offers families, friends, and other groups seeking to enjoy being and doing together. All departures include staff members who are excellent role models, skilled at organizing activities for, and inspiring curiosity in, young people of all ages. And during peak family travel times like spring break and over the summer, we add an additional staff member devoted to our kids program. Plus National Geographic Endeavour II offers a family-friendly mix of connecting cabins, triple accommodations, suites, and dedicated solo cabins.

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