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Exploring Peru by land and water will take you to remarkable locations inside a country that is renowned for its ecological and cultural diversity. Lindblad offers expeditions that allow you to explore Peru’s arid coastal plain by bus, boat and dune buggy, then Machu Picchu and the Urubamba valley in the Andean mountains, and finally the Peruvian Amazon lowlands by luxurious Amazonian river boat. Exploring Peru with Lindblad Expeditions assures you top guides with ample local knowledge and excellent language skills. Delightful, comfortable lodging and exquisite dining.

South of Lima on Peru’s arid coastal plain lies the northern reaches of the Atacames desert, the driest place on earth according to NASA, and known as the Sechura Desert ecoregion. Here, we are found exploring Peru by small plane to fly over the famous Nazca lines, designs drawn in the desert thousands of years ago. We also visit the small coastal town of Paracas with a world-class museum holding the exquisitely-preserved mummies, ceramics and textiles of this now-extinct culture. One day you will have the opportunity to explore the sand dunes of Peru’s coastal desert by way of dune buggy and by sand boarding for the most intrepid!

Exploring Peru’s Pacific coast by small boat to the Islas Ballestas adds a new dimension to your adventures in the country. Paracas National Reserve is a marine bird sanctuary and once an important source of guano as far back as pre-Incan times. Today, the islands are now home to Peruvian boobies, Humboldt penguins, Peruvian pelicans, three species of cormorant, and the curious South American fur seals.

An important part of exploring Peru is flying into the dramatic Andes Mountains and landing in Cusco at 11,200 ft / 3,400 m. Breathless for more than one reason, the setting of ancient Incan capitol leaves one stunned with the stark beauty of the surroundings. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1993, Peru has also declared it the country’s Historical Capitol in honor of the importance it holds for all Peruvians living today. You continue exploring Peru by train and road down into the Urubamba Valley where Incan and pre-Incan ruins tell you the story of the area in beautiful stonework and strategic positioning along the Urubamba river.

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