South American East Coast Expedition Team

Your key to a deep, rich, fun experience. Meet them.

In the 50+ years of our expedition history, the quality of our veteran staff is the reason the Lindblad name is known and respected for top-quality expeditions. And, with National Geographic, there is no better team anywhere.

The team composition

Every South American East Coast expedition sails with a veteran expedition leader and a team of naturalists with a variety of specialties: zoology, biology, ornithology, geology, history, and more. Other members of the 15-person team include a National Geographic photographer, plus a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, an ethnomusicologist, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist, and a video chronicler. Together they provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation for this exceptional geography.

More specialties and personalities

Our better than 1-to-10 staff-to-guest ratio ensures you the benefits of diverse backgrounds, and the freedom to head out on activities with the naturalist whose interests mirror your own. You are never assigned to a specific group, and our team can custom-tailor activities to match your activity level—to make each day of your expedition uniquely yours, and deeply rewarding.


Featured South American East Coast Team Members

  • Eric Guth

    Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor
    Eric began work with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic in 2006 as a means to see the world, work with great photographers and engage his environmental studies degree beyond the classroom. His initial years with the company were spent working the waters of Southeast Alaska and Baja California. His move to the National Geographic Explorer in 2008 helped earn him the experience and knowledge needed to establish himself as a trusted boat handler, naturalist and respected photographer in nearly all the environments Lindblad-National Geographic travels.

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