South American Music

Discover the eclectic sounds of South America, from folkloric songs to contemporary tango.

Music and dance tell the history and stories of South America. Forming the soundtrack to our travels, these musical interludes will enrich your experience and perhaps even inspire new music-buying habits. On each expedition, discover a variety of intriguing musical experiences—or do it all by combining expeditions and save 10% off the cost of the voyage.


Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil

In Suriname, learn the history of Kaseko, a captivating swift dance performed to drums with roots in Africa. Discover the beats of the popular Calypso music in Guyana. And in Salvador, find the African rhythms and mysticism in the Candomble, remnants of the slave era.


Brazil & Argentina: Wildlife & Culture

In Ilheus, you’ll find the spirit of voodoo lives on in the movements of the Bahia martial arts celebration. Rio de Janeiro, legendary for its samba, is also a hotbed of jazz and bossa nova—the rhythms of carnival. And in Buenos Aires, you’ll discover the divinity of the Argentine tango.


Travel with ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar

Gain a deep understanding of the forces that shaped this coast by exploring with ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar. Through live shows on and off the ship curated by Jacob, you’ll discover fantastic new music and learn its historical roots. Jacob is the host of the music and travel program Music Voyager, and since 1998 has been the main music researcher for the acclaimed world music compilations label Putumayo. In 2006, he founded the record label Cumbancha.


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