South American Wildlife

Discover rare and wonderful South American wildlife on land, in the sea & in the air.

The long coast of South America is host to extraordinary diversity and a dazzling array of points of interest. In the north, lush tropical forests are home to an incredible diversity of birdlife. Along the coast of Brazil, where the world’s great rivers meet the sea, are some of the planet’s most pristine rainforests. And the marine parks and protected areas are host to endangered right whales and migrating humpbacks.

Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil

Venture into two of the world's great rivers—the Amazon and the Essequibo—on one voyage. The artery of a continent, the Amazon nourishes the lives of many, its main stem undammed, undredged, and without bridges. Explore the thriving delta region, looking for toucans, macaws, kingfishers, and hoatzins, plus pink river dolphins. And discover the Essequibo, Guyana’s largest river, known for some of the most pristine rainforest and tropical nature in the world. In Trinidad, visit the renowned Asa Wright Nature Center, and the Caroni Swamp, where scarlet ibis return by the hundreds as dusk falls—one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles. Along the coast of Brazil, land at the island of Fernando de Noronha to snorkel amid rich marine life and a large population of spinner dolphins.

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