blackberry white chocolate pralines



  • 2 lbs. White Chocolate
  • 1 cup Blackberries
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Water



  • Cut or break the chocolate into small pieces
  • Using a double boiler, melt until liquid (around 115°F); Constantly stir to ensure the fat and protein emulsify
  • Remove from heat and cool (reduce to around 41°F)
    Recommended cooling method: Pour the chocolate over cold marble, stone, or table top; Mix and spread using 2 spatulas or bench scrapers; As it cools, the chocolate will get thicker and thicker, giving it the right consistency to stick to the mold
  • Using a pastry bag, generously pour the chocolate into a mold; Tap the mold several times to get rid of any air bubbles
  • Immediately turn the mold upside down to remove excess chocolate; Clean the mold’s edges
  • Set aside and let cool while you make the filling
  • Place all remaining chocolate in the double boiler; Heat slightly to maintain its liquid state




  • Puree the blackberries using a food processor
  • Combine the sugar and water in a sauce pot and bring to a boil; Stir until mixture is a golden caramel color
  • Add the pureed blackberries; Keep stirring until fully incorporated
  • Remove from heat; Set aside and let cool (reduce to around 85°F)



  • Using a pastry bag, add the blackberry filling to the chocolate shells (still in mold); Shells should only be 3/4 filled
  • Top with the remaining chocolate using a pastry bag; Add liberally to ensure a good seal
  • Let sit for about 2 minutes; Scrape off excess chocolate from the top of the mold to create an even surface
  • Let sit until the top chocolate layer hardens
  • Carefully turn the mold upside down so pralines come out; Gently tap mold if necessary

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