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As the world wakes to the wonders of Greenland, we find it changing faster than ever before. The ice retreats and bergs travel along new routes, revealing mysteries to explore. The people and wildlife, whose lives are so closely tied to the ice, are adapting as the delicate balance tilts. By virtue of our special relationships, forged in communities over decades, and thanks to our ice-class vessels, we are able to explore Greenland’s environs, history, and culture as no one else can. Join us here for a privileged perspective on one of the world’s bellwether geographies.



Polar Bear ice arch

Arctic Exploration: A Voyage to Iceland, East Greenland & Norway

July 3, 2020 | 17 Days | Aboard National Geographic Endurance


This blockbuster expedition has it all: Norway’s iconic fjords, Iceland’s must-see sites and seldom-explore gems, and the highlight—venturing deeper into the ice edge of East Greenland than ever before to explore lands unknown to all but Inuit hunters. Go with legendary adventurer Peter Hillary.

Exploring Greenland & the Canadian High Arctic

August 6, 2020 | 18 Days | Aboard National Geographic Explorer


Sojourn far above the Arctic Circle into a mythic wilderness of towering ice walls, elusive narwhal, and the entrance to the Northwest Passage. Soar over the Greenland icecap and explore the coasts of the two northernmost islands on Earth. Explore with iconoclastic geologist Minik Rosing.

walrus northern lights

Fabled Lands of the North: Greenland to Newfoundland

August 20, 2020 | 17 Days | Aboard National Geographic Explorer


Dancing Northern Lights. Archaeological sites of ancient Thule, predecessors to the modern Inuit. Tales of the Vikings. Explore a fabled coast, including one region where the territories of polar bears and black bears intersect. And meet Greenlanders and Inuit who are adapting traditions to modern realities.

East Greenland: Wild Shores of the High Arctic | 20 Days

Iceland’s Wild West Coast to East Greenland | 13 Days


Sold out for 2020 aboard National Geographic Endurance! New 2021 sailings for both are featured in the latest Explorations brochure. We expect considerable interest. Reserve now for best cabin selection.


Meet the North: Building Relationships Through Storytelling



National Geographic Explorer and Lindblad Expeditions Field Correspondent Jennifer Kingsley is a naturalist and journalist who has traveled for hundreds of days through some of the planet’s last great wildernesses. In 2015, she founded Meet the North to share stories from some of the four million people who live at the top of the world—from Svalbard and Greenland to the Canadian Arctic, Arctic Alaska, and the Russian Far East.


By meeting one person at a time, and listening to their stories, the project takes you beyond the news headlines to discover a deeper, more diverse picture of modern Arctic culture. And, by listening to stories in Greenlandic communities, like Pond Inlet and Ilulissat, and showing these northerners that the wider world is deeply interested in learning about their changing ways of life, the project has also opened doors to mutually rewarding cultural experiences for our guests. While exploring Greenland or the Canadian High Arctic with us, look forward to gaining a level of insight you wouldn’t otherwise have. Read Jenny’s stories in anticipation of your trip for a rewarding sense of the possibilities ahead.

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