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Discovery is in our DNA. We’ve been at this for 50+ years so you can rely on us to take you to remote, remarkable destinations in both comfort and safety. Our decades of experience and expertise—plus our unprecedented alliance with National Geographic—all add up to exhilarating opportunities for our guests.



There is no U in “group!”

Okay, well maybe there is—but only if you want there to be. Our idea of group travel means you’re never herded like cattle. Every day brings an array of options and you have the freedom to explore—your way. Choose what activities interest you, which naturalists you want to join, and which other guests you want to hang out with. Hike, paddle, cycle, Zodiac cruise, whale watch, flight-see, or choose to sleep in, then relax with a book in the sun-drenched library. It’s all up to you.

crew_200x200.jpgExpect nothing short of incredible from our expert team

Our entire team—from our captains and expedition leaders right down to our hotel staff—will do whatever it takes to ensure you unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s manning the spotting scopes all night to guarantee you a polar bear sighting, stopping the ship to linger with a pod of bubble-netting whales; or delivering gourmet ice cream bars to refresh you as you explore a Polynesian atoll. Their commitment creates thrilling moments for you at every turn.

wine_200x200.jpgEnjoy the adventure without the adversity

Our expedition ships are purpose-built to get you closer to the wild while maintaining a superb level of comfort and convenience. Paddle among icebergs one moment, then dine on duck breast with a glass of Malbec, indulge in a massage, or have a nightcap in the lounge. At the end of each exhilarating day retire to your welcoming and well-appointed cabin.

Come discover the difference firsthand—our team is waiting to welcome you aboard.


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