Very early in the morning at around 0600, just at sunrise, we were already aboard our fleet of skiffs to look for wildlife along the Ucayali River. Generally, birds and many animal species are more active in the early and late hours of the day. Parrots, birds of prey, vultures, monkeys, sloths, kingfishers, herons, etc. were seen everywhere. We had the chance to interact briefly with a local fisherman who showed us his early catch of the day.

Later, we entered Belluda Caño, a narrow and shallow creek, to look for more wildlife. It was not easy to enter the creek, as it was very shallow today. Our skillful and experienced skiff drivers handled it well. Squirrel and monk saki monkeys were seen. We came back to the ship for a late breakfast and then motored for a few hours to get to El Dorado River.

El Dorado River is a great location for kayaking. We practiced this activity before going for a skiff ride. Our intention was to stay in the area until sunset, a time of day when the rainforest becomes mysterious and filled with thousands of night sounds and calls. Standing on the bow of the skiffs, our naturalists maneuvered a spotlight to search for night wildlife. A common potoo, bats, a nocturnal boat-billed heron, and several caimans were spotted.

We came back on board with our hearts and minds filled with new memories and adventures.