Belluda Caño and Yarapa River
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  • 14 Nov 2019

Belluda Caño and Yarapa River

  • Aboard the Delfin II
  • Amazon

Today we continued to delve into the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. What a privilege to wake up with the birds, monkeys, and dolphins! Our sightings list for the day grew by leaps and bounds: pygmy marmoset, spider monkey, wooly monkey. That doesn’t even include the bird species: sungrebe, white-throated toucan, cinnamon attila and many more.

One of the reasons you come is to have the full immersion experience and that is done in a simple way: stop the skiffs, be quiet and listen. Listening to the forest life wake up in the morning and then changing shifts to the nocturnal creatures is an experience that cannot accurately or justifiably be conveyed in writing; you need to come and listen for yourself.

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