Cape Obelisk on James Clark Ross Island and Penguin Point on Seymour Island
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  • 11 Feb 2022

Cape Obelisk on James Clark Ross Island and Penguin Point on Seymour Island, 2/11/2022, National Geographic Endurance

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endurance
  • Antarctica

Guests were faced with a difficult choice last night: whether to sleep or constantly check the stunning scenery and prolonged sunrise just outside their cabin windows. Those who woke were greeted with dead calm water and reflections of icebergs and nearby geology, all soaked by the morning sun.

We were soon gliding across the glassy water in Zodiacs, heading for Cape Obelisk on James Clark Ross Island. Landing on the beach and facing away from the water, anyone could be forgiven for thinking they were in Arizona, such was the contrast of rocky bluffs ahead and icebergs behind. We set off on various hikes ranging from adventurous to gentle, taking part in an impromptu BioBlitz! We documented and photographed all forms of animal and plant life for science.

Back on the ship, National Geographic Endurance headed east past Snow Island toward Seymour Island. This was our destination for the late afternoon and intended after-dinner excursion. During our travels, we headed past massive tabular icebergs. We enjoyed constant whale sightings and hours of spectacular scenery in every direction.

After dinner, Zodiacs were launched and we headed to Penguin Point on Seymour Island. Passing sleepy leopard seals on small, floating icebergs, Adélie penguins and a high proportion of molting chicks met us on the beach. Making our way across the beach, we found monuments to the Nordenskjöld’s Swedish expedition and its rescue by Argentina.

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