Danger Islands, Iceberg Alley, Paulette Island

Sarah Culler, Video Chronicler

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 12 Jan 2020

Danger Islands, Iceberg Alley, Paulette Island, 1/12/2020, National Geographic Explorer

  • Aboard the National Geographic Explorer
  • Antarctica

Waking up to fog is always concerning on an expedition—you depend on clear skies not only to see what you hope to see, but to search for what you hope to see. But this is an expedition, and patience and perseverance are often rewarded. Today was no exception to this positive outlook.

While we weren’t able to access our planned morning stop, our plan B was no slouch. It could not have been a better day if we had planned it. Our first stop became the Danger Islands, home to a mega-colony of Adélie penguins, with more than one million nesting penguins. At the end of the morning, we cruised through Iceberg Alley, where we were treated to spectacular views of iceberg after iceberg. We finished off the day with a landing at Paulette Island, where we walked among thousands of Adélie penguins.

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