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Genovesa Island

Patricio Maldonado, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor, May 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 10 May 2019

Genovesa Island

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II
  • Galápagos
On our last day of adventure onboard National Geographic Endeavour II , we visited Genovesa Island, a horseshoe-shaped island located in the northeastern region of the Galapagos archipelago. This island is certainly a bird paradise—its isolation has created the perfect conditions for sea birds. Currently, sea birds are within the most numerous inhabitants of the place, and we spent our day walking among hundreds of Nazca boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, frigatebirds and the very colorful red-footed boobies. All of these marvelous birds are fearless and undisturbed by our presence, making it one of the most extraordinary places on earth. This experience is breathtaking, beyond any expectation or dream, and surely today´s images will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

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Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II