In the morning, we sailed through the peaceful and foggy Kangaamiut Fjord and anchored near the end of it. Several glaciers and steep mountains covered with moving clouds surrounded us. Some guests chose to take a Zodiac ride to the front of a spectacular valley glacier that abruptly plunges into the fjord. The air was reasonably warm and, from time to time, huge vertical chunks of glacier measuring 40 meters in height crashed into the ocean with a terrific sound. Each chunk that collapsed created a significant wave. 

Other guests preferred more active explorations such as long, medium, or short hikes over old glacial moraines and eskers where they enjoyed views of a powerful waterfall with cliffs and glaciers in the background.

After lunch, we visited the small, picturesque fishing town of Kangaamiut where guests climbed a rounded mountain that commanded an excellent view encompassing the town, the ocean, dozens of islands, and the surrounding mountains.