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Le Conte Bay and Petersburg
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 29 Jul 2019

Le Conte Bay and Petersburg

  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Alaska

Early this morning, a dense fog rolled in to set a serene ambiance. Large flocks of seabirds hovered in the air and in rafts upon Le Conte Bay as we took to our boats for an icy extravaganza! Glacial blue ice sculptures jutted out from the sea in incredible forms and textures. Many of these massive icebergs were grounded on the relatively shallow bank created by Le Conte Glacier’s submerged terminal moraine.

After returning to the ship we were treated to a special brunch before learning about fisheries and our next destination, Petersburg. Our photo instructor Max Siegel shared some sea stories from working on commercial fishing vessels in order to familiarize us with some of the species and gear used within the industry.

In the afternoon we explored every inch of the small town: Some of our young explorers raced to the bicycles, others took to the air for a higher perspective, and others still walked through the muskegs and docks. Whether capturing images of stilted homes, watching jellyfish narrowly escape predatory anemones, searching for tiny sundews, or simply strolling through the hardware store, Petersburg offered unique and quirky experiences for all. The undersea team also took the Remotely Operated Vehicle out for a spin to share the underwater realm with the Global Explorers after a few lessons in troubleshooting!

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