The smell of brine and salt in the air permeated our noses as we arrived in Petersburg on Wednesday morning. A sense of urgency clung to the air around the town, especially the fishing boats. The Dungeness crab season would soon be underway, and “Alaska’s Little Norway” was bustling with excitement. Fishermen and deckhands worked together to prepare the fleet for the inevitable crab harvest.

Another part of our day saw our guests marching through the Alaskan bog, also known as a muskeg. This environment is not often thought of when someone thinks of Southeast Alaska – most of the world thinks of beautiful forests and mountains. Muskegs provide another sense of wonder and an insight into the complex myriad of ecosystems that Alaska has to offer. Truly a spectacular and unique journey outside of Petersburg, Alaska.

The afternoon brought us to the outwash plain of Baird’s Glacier for some Zodiac and hiking explorations. We landed on the beach of one of the islands formed by the glacier for a short hike along the muddy and rocky shores. The glacier could be seen in the distance, with small pieces of ice in the foreground. The weather graced us with a few drops of rain to wrap up a great day in Southeast Alaska.