San Cristobal, Chatham Island
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  • 11 Jan 2020

San Cristobal, Chatham Island, 1/11/2020, National Geographic Islander

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  • Galápagos

We woke up anchored on the northeastern side of Chatham, or San Cristobal Island, in a place called Punta Pitt. We disembarked on a brown volcanic ash beach and went up a dry waterbed in search of wildlife. We soon encountered blue and red-footed boobies, as well as endemic lava lizards and mockingbirds. After our hike, guests had some time to relax, either by opting to swim or just sunbathe.

In the afternoon we walked along the white sandy beach of Cerro Brujo, where a quick dip in the water was very hard to resist! Sea lions were observed recuperating from the exhaustion that chasing fish results in, and lava gulls stood at attention in front of us. It was the perfect ending to a magical week in the Galapagos.

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