San Cristobal Island
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  • 29 Jun 2019

San Cristobal Island, 6/29/2019, National Geographic Islander

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  • Galápagos

Every island is different in the Galapagos, and San Cristobal is no exception. Punta Pitt, located in the northeastern tip of the island, is what remains of some gigantic tuff cones, eroded by wind and wave action throughout thousands of years. It is the home to several species of seabird, among them red-footed boobies, Nazca and blue-footed boobies. The landscape here is stunning, with clouds rolling over its high peaks and steep walls. In the afternoon we landed at Cerro Brujo, where once Charles Darwin and the crew of HMS Beagle landed in 1835. The fine white-coralline sands of the beach and its turquoise waters make it the grand finale of a fantastic expedition in the Enchanted Isles.

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