On Saturday morning, National Geographic Quest made her way through the Tracy Arm Fjord system. It was a beautiful, cool morning as we maneuvered the ship up to the Sawyer Glacier to get looks at the wall of ice, before repositioning the ship near Sawyer Island. From this vantage point, we took our guests out on two rounds of Zodiac tours. Our drivers took guests through a maze of freshly fallen icebergs and small chunks of ice, to get up-close views of the South Sawyer Glacier. While gazing at the massive, brilliant blue wall of ice, our guests were delighted to see towers of ice and sheer granite rock cliffs towering over hundreds of harbor seals hauled out on the icebergs. After the tours, we slowly worked our way out of the fjord, back towards Stephens Passage, taking in the sights of the tall mountains covered in low hanging clouds and the emerald-green waters slowly turning back to blue.